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1926 to 1930

1926 USDA began inspection of live poultry.

1926 Milk Duds are introduced by Chicago candy maker Milton J. Holloway.

1926 Dorcas Bates Reilly was born (died Oct 15, 2018).  As Campbell's test kitchen supervisor she created the classic Green Bean Casserole.  She also created hundreds of recipes throughout her career. (Recipe)

1926 The first traffic lights in the UK were installed at Piccadilly Circus, London.

1926 Harry Houdini (Erich Weisz) died (born 1874).  Legendary magician, illusionist and escape artist, he died from peritonitis after a ruptured appendix.

1926 Ann Turner Cook was born.  A mystery novelist, she was the model for the baby drawing which has appeared on Gerber Baby Food products since 1928.  The charcoal sketch was by a family friend, commercial artist, Dorothy Hope Smith.

1926 James McLamore was born. Co-founder, with David Edgerton, of Burger King.

1926 Taggart Baking Company registered "Wonder" trademark for bread and cake.  (see also May 21, 1921).

1926 Targhee breed of sheep developed.

1926 'Devil in the Cheese' opened at the Charles Hopkins Theatre in New York City.

1926 Carl Akeley died (born 1864). A biologist, taxidermist, nature photographer and conservationist.

1926 Beef grading standards were introduced by the USDA.

1926 Comedian 'Soupy Sales' (Milton Supman) was born (died 2009).  Best known for his children's TV show 'Lunch with Soupy Sales.' Most of his routines ended with Soupy receiving a pie in the face.

1926 Paul Bocuse was born at Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or, France (died Jan 20, 2018).  Legendary French Chef, known as one of the founders of  'nouvelle cuisine'.   Named Chef of the Century by the Culinary Institute of America. His restaurant has held 3 Michelin stars for more than 50 years.

1926 Luther Burbank died. American horticulturist, he developed many new varieties of fruits and vegetables, including the Burbank Potato (1873), the Shasta Daisy, over 100 varieties of plums and prunes and 10 varieties of berries.

1926 The Mount Olive Pickle Company was founded in North Carolina.

1926 Ann B. Davis was born. She played the role of Alice the housekeeper and cook on the TV show 'The Brady Bunch' (1969-1974).

1926 The first automatic pop-up toaster was introduced by the Waters-Genter Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1926 Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean) was born. American actress, primarily remembered as being crowned Artichoke Queen of 1947 in Castroville, California.

1926 Dame Nelle Melba gave her farewell performance. Melba toast and Peach Melba were named in her honor.

1926 Emile Coue died. A French pharmacist, he was an advocate of autosuggestion. He suggested repeating the following sentence 15 to 20 times in the morning and evening: "Every day, and in every way, I am becoming better and better."

1926 Roquefort cheese is the first cheese designated with an appellation d'origine controlee. Only cheese that is processed in Roquefort, France and aged in the caves there may be called 'Roquefort Cheese.'

1926 'Winnie-the-Pooh'  (the honey loving bear) by A. A. Milne is published.

1926 Jack Ryan was born. Before helping to develop the Barbie Doll for Mattell, Ryan worked for the Pentagon designing missiles!

1926 The Electrolux Servel Corp. received the first U.S. patent for a household refrigerator cooled by a sealed gas refrigerant.

1926 Hormel Company of Austin, Minnesota marketed the first canned ham.

1926 Ontario, Canada votes for government control of sale of liquor, rather than prohibition.

1926 Charles Ringling died (born Dec 2, 1863).  American circus owner (Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus).

1927 B&M Brick Oven Baked Beans are introduced by Burnham & Morrill of Portland, Maine.

1927 Lender's Bagel Bakery is founded.

The 'Green Giant' trademark was registered (canned peas).

1927 Norwich Pharmacal registered 'Pepto-Bismol' trademark (first used in 1919). Pepto-Bismol provides relief of symptoms due to overindulgence in food and drink, including heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, and nausea.

1927 Pan American Airways was founded to operate service between Key West, Florida and Havana, Cuba.

1927 The luxury Boston Ritz-Carlton hotel opened. Room rates were $15.  Purchased by Taj Hotels in 2006 and renamed Taj Boston; current room rates range from $350 to $3,000.

1927 After a 33 1/2 hour flight from Roosevelt Field in New York, Charles A. Lindbergh landed in Paris at 10:24 pm in his single engine airplane, The Spirit of St. Louis. The first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

1927 The last Model T Ford rolled off the assembly line. 15 million Model T's were produced from 1908 to 1927.

1927 The Prince of Wales Hotel opens to the public in Waterton National Park, Alberta, Canada. It is designated as a National Historic Site of Canada in 1995

1927 Crosby Field of Brooklyn, N.Y. received patents for a 'Cleaning Pad' and a Scrubbing Device' (Brillo Pads). Patent assigned to Brillo Manufacturing Company.

1927 Al Lapin Jr. was born (died 2004).  Entrepreneur and restaurateur, co-founder with his brother Jerry of International House of Pancakes in 1958 in Toluca Lake, California.

1927 Harrison McCain was born (died 2004). Co-founder (with 3 brothers) of McCain Foods in 1957 in New Brunswick, Canada.  The company produces 1/3 of the world's french fries.

1927 William Barron Hilton was born. A son of Conrad Hilton (founder of Hilton Hotels).  Barron Hilton is a former co-chairman and president of the Hilton Hotel chain.

1927 Pan American Airways inaugurated the world's first scheduled international flight with a 90 mile flight from Key West to Havana, Cuba.

1927 Erma Bombeck was born. Writer, humorist, you will find some of her quotes about family and food on the Food Reference website.

1927 Harry Belafonte, singer, actor, was born.  His biggest hit was "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song" in 1956.

1927 Ira Remsen died. American chemist, co-discoverer in 1879 (with Constantine Fahlberg) of saccharin, the artificial sweetener.

1927 Clarence Birdseye of Massachusetts received a U.K. patent for frozen fish fingers.

1927 Imperial Airways became the first British airline to serve hot meals.

1927 Alfalfa was born on this day. Actually, it was Carl Switzer who played Alfalfa in the Our Gang short film series.

1927 The Holland Tunnel opened - the first Hudson River automobile tunnel from New York City to New Jersey.  (Port Authority of NY & NJ)

1927 'Struttin' With Some Barbecue' was recorded by Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five.

1927 Dr.Edward Anton Asselbergs was born. He developed the process for making instant mashed potato flakes, still used today.

1927 Overseas calling was first introduced in 1927. A three-minute call between New York and London cost about $75.00

1927 Edwin E. Perkins of Hastings, Nebraska invented the powered soft drink Kool-Aid.

1927 Pez peppermint breath mints were introduced in Vienna.

1927 Federal beef grading initiated.

1927 Cesar Chavez was born.  American farm worker and labor leader, co-founder with Dolores Huerta of the National Farm Workers Association (now the United Farm Workers).

1927 The first Model A Ford was sold for $385.

1928 Rice Krispies are introduced by Kellogg.

1928 Frederick Walton died. Inventor of Linoleum in 1863.

1928 Mail delivery by dog sled began from Lewiston, Maine, arriving in Montreal Canada on January 14, 1929.

1928 General Mills Inc. came into existence with the merger of 5 milling companies, creating one of the largest milling companies in the world.

1928 Eliza Maria Mosher died (born Oct 2, 1846).  An American physician whose wide-ranging medical career included an educational focus on physical fitness and health maintenance.

1928 Hoberg Paper & Fibre Co. registered the 'Charmin' trademark for toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

1928 Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians played 'Auld Lang Syne' as their New Years Eve song for the first time (see also March 7, 1939).

1928 The musical comedy 'Animal Crackers' starring the four Marx Brothers, opened on Broadway.

1928 Soil erosion identified as serious threat to agricultural productivity.

1928 Future Farmers of America established.

1928 Fats Domino (Antoine Domino) was born in New Orleans. One of rock-and-roll's earliest stars, one of his early hits was 'Blueberry Hill' which reached number 2 in 1956.

1928 Ellsworth Milson Statler died. American hotel owner, founder of Statler Hotels. His Statler Hotel in Buffalo, New York was the first hotel in the U.S. to have running water and private baths in each room.

1928 Sliced bread was born. Otto Frederick Rohwedder spent many years working on a bread slicing machine  beginning in 1912. He finally perfected it, and the first sliced bread was produced and sold at M.F. Bench's Chillicothe Baking Company, 100 Elm Street in Chillicothe, Missouri.  According to the story, Mr. Bench assisted Rohwedder in the fine tuning the new bread slicing machine. The  Chillicothe, Missouri Constitution-Tribune of July 7, 1928 carried a story of the new machines first use on that day. Chillcothe Baking Co. bread sales increased 2,000% over the next few months.

1928 Andy Warhol was born. American painter of the pop art movement. In the 1960s he made paintings of Campbell's Soup cans, Coca-Cola cans and other American products.

1928 Walter E. Diemer died. While working for the Fleer Chewing Gum Company, he experimented with recipes for chewing gum as a hobby.  He invented bubble gum in 1928.

1928 Katharine Hepburn makes her first New York stage appearance in 'Night Hostess.'

1928 Harry Ramsden opened what would become the most famous fish and chips restaurant in the world.

1928 The Green Giant became the mascot of the Minnesota Valley Canning Company.

1928 James Harvey Logan died (born 1841). American lawyer and horticulturist. He developed the Loganberry, a cross between a red raspberry and a wild blackberry.

1928 Walt Disney's 'Steamboat Willie' animated cartoon (in black-and-white) premiered at the Colony Theatre in New York City. It was the first cartoon with synchronized sound and the debut of Mickey Mouse (originally named Mortimer).

1929 U.S. electric refrigerator sales reach more than 800,000.

The U.S. and Canada sigh a treaty to preserve Niagara Falls.

1929 Grand Teton National Park was established in Wyoming.

1929 The original Waldorf-Astoria hotel was closed and soon demolished. It had been sold to make way for construction of the Empire State Building.

1929 The famous Paris restaurant, La Tour d'Argent served its 100,000th signature dish, 'Caneton Tour D'Agent' (pressed duck). Founded in 1582, the restaurant introduced the signature dish in 1890 and numbered each duck served. The 1 millionth duck was served in 2003.

1929 The first Academy Awards were presented during a banquet at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

1929 Edward Osborne Wilson was born. An American biologist and researcher who is considered the world's leading authority on ants.

1929 The trademark 'La Choy' was registered by La Choy Food Products.

1929 Unilever was formed by the merger of British soap and margarine maker Lever Brothers and Dutch margarine producer Margarine Unie.

1929 Prohibition ends in Nova Scotia, Canada, replaced by government control of liquor sales.

1929 Audrey Hepburn was born (died 1993). Actress and humanitarian.  One of her many films was 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' (1961).  In her latter years she served as Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

1929 Minnesota's first pheasant season begins. Ring-necked pheasants were introduced to the state from China in 1905.

1929 Attracted by the smell of food in the coffee shop, a 350 pound bear breaks into the lounge of the Hotel Duluth in Minnesota. Police are forced to shoot it when efforts to capture or drive off the bear fail.

1929 U.S. agricultural exports were about $1.94 billion a year during the 1920s (42% of total exports).

1929 Sheffeld Farms of New York began using wax paper cartons instead of glass bottles for milk delivery.

1929 Popeye the spinach loving sailor first appeared in the comic strip 'Thimble Theatre.' Elzie Segar created Popeye.

1929 Asa Griggs Candler died. In 1887, Asa Candler (1851-1929) a wholesale drugist, purchased the formula for Coca-Cola from John S. Pemberton, an Atlanta pharmacist, for $2,300. He sold the company in 1919 for $25 million.

1929 The first Marx Brothers film, 'Cocoanuts' premiered.

1929 More unusual uses for kitchen appliances: Foam rubber was developed at Dunlop Laboratories. British scientist E.A. Murphy used a kitchen mixer to whip natural latex rubber.

1929 'The National Farm and Home Hour' began on NBC radio.

1929 'Black Thursday' - the first day of the panic driven stock market crash that precipitated the Great Depression.

1929 Black Tuesday -- The Great Crash.

1929 Charles Goodnight died. He is said to have devised the first 'chuck wagon' from an Army wagon in the 1850s or 1860s, with various shelves and compartments for food, equipment, utensils, medical supplies, etc.

1929 7-Up was originally called Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda when it was invented in 1929.

1929 The Ruby Red grapefruit was a chance mutation discovered at a farm in McAllen, Texas.

1929 Harland Sanders (Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame) opened his first restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky in the front room of a small gas station.

1929 Growing plants in water, hydroponics, invented.

1929 Mediterranean fruit fly discovered in Florida.

1929 First airplane seeding of rice in California.

1929 Mail delivery by dog sled arrived in Montreal Canada.

1929 Charles F. Brush died. U.S. inventor and entrepreneur.  Invented improvements to arc lights and generators.

1930 Joseph Hardin Coulombe was born (died 2020).  Founder of the grocery store chain Trader Joe's in 1967.

1930 'Jiffy' brand biscuit mix is introduced by Chelsea Milling Co. of Chelsea, Michigan.

1930 Mott's Apple Sauce is introduced.

1930 The planet Pluto was discovered by Clyde William Tombaugh at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona.

1930 India: After a 240 mile march, Mahatma Gandhi arrived at the the coastal village of Dandi to produce salt without paying the salt tax, in protest of the British salt monopoly.

1930 Clarence Birdseye received a patent for a method to preparing food products by quick freezing them.

1930 Philo Farnsworth received U.S. Patent No. 1,773,980 for a television system ("a television apparatus and process").  (Filing date: Jan 7, 1927).

1930 U.S. astronaut John Young was born. He smuggled a corned beef sandwich aboard the first Gemini spacecraft flight in 1965.

1930 The play 'Light Wines and Beer' opened at the Waldorf Theatre in New York City.

1930 The first King Kullen supermarket opens in Queens, New York on Aug 4.  It is recognized by the Smithsonian Institution as "America's First Supermarket"  The company was founded by Michael J. Cullen.

1930 Bernard Matthews was born (died 2010).  Founder of Bernard Matthews Farms Ltd., Britain's largest turkey processor.

1930 Donald J. Tyson was born (died 2011).  President and CEO of Tyson Foods, he built his fathers Arkansas chicken feed and hatchery business into one of the largest producers of chicken, beef and pork in the world.

1930 The play 'Grand Hotel' opened in New York City.  In 1932 the film version won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

1930 The population of the U.S. is now 123,202,624. Farmers are 21% of the labor force. There are about 6,295,000 farms, averaging about 157 acres.

1930 Approximately 13% of farms in the U.S. have electricity.

1930 Of gainfully employed persons, 21.5 percent were engaged in agriculture.

1930 Plant Patent Act enabled the patenting of new plant varieties, excluding sexual and tuber-propagated plants.

1930 Tariff Act prohibited imports of meat and animals from countries infected with foot-and-mouth disease.

1930 The Zagnut candy bar was introduced.

1930 Gualtiero Marchesi was born. An award winning Italian chef, he has had the most influence on the evolution and popularity of modern Italian cuisine.

1930 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail was introduced.

1930 Candy maker Frank C. Mars of Minnesota introduced the Snickers bar in 1930

1930 At the St. Louis International Air Exposition, a Guernsey cow named 'Elm Farm Ollie' became the first cow to fly in an airplane, and the first cow to be milked while flying.

1930 John T. Dorrance died (born 1873).  An American chemist, he developed a method to make condensed soup, and served as president of Campbell Soup Co. from 1914 to 1930.

1930 Christiaan Eijkman died (born 1858).  A Dutch physician who discovered that beriberi was caused by a poor diet (a lack of vitamin B1), which eventually led to the discovery of vitamins.

1930 Actor John Cullum was born. He played the restaurateur on the TV show ‘Northern Exposure’.

1930 Retail frozen foods ('Birds Eye Frosted Foods') go on sale for the first time in a test marketing in Springfield, Massachusetts. Various fruits, vegetables, meat and fish were offered for sale to see how consumers would react to frozen foods. Clarence Birdseye had developed the method used to successfully freeze foods on a commercial scale. The test was a resounding success.

1930 India: Mahatma Gandhi began a 240 mile, 24 day march to the coastal village of Dandi to produce salt without paying the salt tax, in protest of the British salt monopoly.

1930 'Twinkies' go on sale for the first time. They originally had a banana creme filling and were sold two for a nickel.

1930 The first Publix grocery store was opened in Winter Haven, Florida by George W. Jenkins.

1930 Mrs Ellen Church, a registered nurse, became the 1st airline stewardess. The 11 passengers were flying on a United Airlines tri-motor Boeing 80A from San Francisco to Cheyenne, Wyoming. The meal was chicken, fruit salad and rolls.

1930 Richard G. Drew of St. Paul, Minnesota patented removeable masking tape (U.S. patent No. 1,760,820). He worked out a deal with 3M to market it under the 'Scotch' brand (Sept 8, 1930).

1930 Judge Joseph F. Crater of the New York State Supreme Court, walked out of a 45th Street restaurant in New York on his way to a show at the Belasco Theater.  He was never heard from again.  It was one of the most famous disappearances in American history.

1930 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died. Creator of Sherlock Holmes. Holmes would go for days without food while working on a case.

1930 The ‘Dagwood’ sandwich was created by Dagwood Bumstead or the comic strip Blondie by Murat Bernard ‘Chic’ young. The ‘Dagwood’ is a sandwich made with many layers of bread, meats, cheese, lettuce, tomato, condiments, etc.

1930 'Gorgonzola' was recorded by Jack Hylton & His Orchestra with Leslie Sarony

1930 The Rotolactor was developed by the Walker-Gordon Dairy. It was a 50 stall revolving milking platform that could mechanically milk over 1,500 cows in seven hours.

1930 After a sandstorm in Morocco, there was a rain of mud in Paris and yellow sand fell in Spain.


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