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1200 to 1399

1200 Okra is native to tropical areas of Africa, and was being cultivated in Egypt in the 12th century.

1213 King John of England ordered 3,000 capons, 1,000 salted eels, 400 hogs, 100 pounds of almonds and 24 casks of wine for his Christmas feasts.

1239 King Edward I of England was born. King Edward I of England (1239-1307, ruled 1272-1307). His coronation feast included 278 bacon hogs, 450 pigs, 440 oxen, 430 sheep and 22,600 hens and capons.

1252 Henry III hosts 1,000 knights and nobels at York. 600 oxen are consumed.

1265 Covent Garden produce market was established in London.

1272 King Edward I of England (ruled 1272-1307) See 1239.

1284 The earliest date in legend for when the Pied Piper led all the children of Hamelin away.
(See July 22, 1376 for additional information.)

1300 Huou, chef at the court of Kublai Khan (1215-1294) writes "The Important Things to Know About Eating and Drinking" This is a collection of recipes (mainly soups) and household advice.

1307 King Edward I of England died. (See 1239)

1307 The legendary William Tell shot an apple from his son's head.

1315 Significant famine in Europe for several years. Planting seed supplies consumed, more than half of livestock died. Disinterred bodies reportedly eaten in Ireland.

1338 Charles V of France was born. It was Charles V who commissioned Taillevent  to write what would become the first professional cookery book written in France, 'Le Viandier'.  Forks were mentioned in an inventory during his reign. Some believe that he died as a result of eating amanita mushrooms.

1368 Charles VI of France was born. It was during Charles VI rule that Taillevent was made Master of the King's kitchens. Charles VI also gave sole rights for the aging of Roquefort cheese to the village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, and all Roquefort must still be aged in the caves there today.

1374 An outbreak of Dancing Mania (sometimes known as 'St. John’s Dance') occurred in Aix-la-Chapelle, France. People would be overcome with bouts of uncontrollable, manic dance. Frothing at the mouth, screaming, and sexual frenzy were other symptoms.  Ergot (fungus) poisoning (from grain) is now believed to have been the ultimate cause.

1375 'Le Viander' is written by Guillaume Tirel (Taillevent)

1376 According to legend, the Pied Piper got rid of all the rats in the German town of Hamelin. When the townspeople refused to pay, the Pied Piper led all the towns children away.  This is the date given by Richard Rowland Verstegan in 1605 - the earliest version in English.  In 'The Anatomy of Melancholy' (1621) Robert Burton gives the date as June 20,  1484.  Other dates range back to 1284 AD.

1380 Charles V of France Died. (see 1338)

1383 Lowenbrau brewery was founded in Munich, Germany.

1390 The oldest surviving cookbook in English is 'The Forme of Cury', from about 1390.




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