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1921 to 1925

1921 Studebaker announced that it would stop making farm wagons. Studebaker began making horse drawn wagons in 1852, and started experimenting with the new 'horseless carriage' in 1897. (See also Feb 16, 1852).

1921 Robert C. Baker was born. Poultry & Food Science professor at Cornell University. He developed chicken nuggets, turkey ham, poultry hot dogs and many other products.

1921 Pierre Franey was born. A French chef who became famous as the chef of 'Le Pavillon' restaurant in New York City from 1945 to 1960. He published several cookbooks and collaborated with Craig Claiborne on the New York Times food column, 'The 60 Minute Gourmet'.

1921 West Virginia became the first state to enact a state sales tax. It became effective on July 1, 1921.

1921 Taggart Baking Company of Indianapolis, Indiana introduced Wonder bread. The red, yellow and blue logo created by Taggart Vice President Elmer Cline was inspired by International Balloon Race at Indianapolis Speedway.

1921 Christian K. Nelson and chocolate maker Russell C. Stover entered into an agreement in Des Moines, Iowa to produce and market Nelson's 'I-Scream Bar', the name was changed to Eskimo Pie (ice cream coated with chocolate).

1921 It reportedly rained frogs in Sterling, Connecticut.

1921 The boll weevil decimates the Georgia cotton crop and farmers begin switching to peanuts.

1921 The first successful demonstration of aerial crop dusting was performed in Ohio by Lt. John A. Macready. He was flying a Curtiss JN-6H (Jenny).

1921 Edward A. Doisy died. He discovered vitamin K.

1921 President Harding signs the Willis Campell Act, which prohibits doctors from prescribing beer or liquor.

1921 Harry MacElhone of Harry's Bar in Paris created the Bloody Mary.

1921 White Castle hamburger chain was founded in Wichita, Kansas by Walter A. Anderson and E. W. Ingram.  The steam fried hamburgers, 18 per pound of ground beef, cooked on a bed of onions, cost a nickel.  It is the oldest hamburger chain.

1921 Wheaties breakfast cereal was created.  In 1921, a health clinician in Minneapolis, while mixing a batch of bran gruel for his patients, spilled some of the mix on a hot stove where it sizzled into a crisp flake. After tasting the very first Wheaties prototype, he took the idea to the Washburn Crosby Company, where the head miller, George Cormack, took on the task of trying to strengthen the flakes to keep them from turning to dust inside a cereal box. Cormack tested 36 varieties of wheat before he developed the perfect flake. The name Wheaties was chosen by a company wide contest won by Jane Bausman, the wife of the export manager.

1921 Betty Crocker is created by advertising manager Sam Gale of Washburn Crosby Co. (later, General Mills). Betty is the fictional spokesperson who answers correspondence.

1921 French's Mustard was advertised for the first time.

1921 Chuckles sugared jelly candies are introduced.

1921 U.S. table-salt makers introduce iodized salt.

1921 'Lindy's' and 'Sardi's' restaurants open in New York City.

1921 'Wise Potato Chips' were introduced.

1921 The Minnesota Cooperative Creameries Association is formed. It is now known as Land O'Lakes.

1921 The 'I-Scream-Bar' is renamed 'Eskimo Pie' and within a year are selling one million bars a day.

1921 Ontario, Canada votes for alcohol prohibition to take effect on July 19, 1921.

1921 The official start of prohibition of the manufacture, importation and sale of liquor in Ontario, Canada.

1921 The 'Sunbeam' trademark was registered, first used for electric flat irons.

1921 In Victoria, B.C. Canada, the Daily Colonist (aka British Colonist) newspaper the term "cold turkey" is used in reference to quitting an addiction - the first known use of the term in print.

1921 Edward A. Doisy died. He discovered vitamin K.

1921 Father Edward J. Flanagan opened his first Boys’ Home in Omaha, Nebraska. Later moved to a farm outside Omaha which became known as Boys Town.

1922 The Mounds candy bar is introduced by Peter Paul.

1922 Jay Arthur Pritzker was born (died 1999).  Purchased the Hyatt House motel hotel near Los Angeles International Airport from Hyatt von Dehn in 1957.  This was the beginning of Hyatt Hotels luxury hotel corporation..

1922 The first U.S. plant built solely for crushing soybeans began operating in Decatur, Illinois by Staley Mfg. Co., offering for the first time a key commercial market for America's soybean crop (soybean oil and meal).

1922 U.S. President Warren G. Harding had a radio installed in the White House.

1922 Frederick Grant Banting announces the discovery of insulin, used to treat diabetes, at the University of Toronto, with colleagues C.H. Best, J.B. Collip, and J.J.R. Macleod.

1922 The Fleischmann Co. registered 'Fleischmann's' trademark for yeast (first used in 1876).

1922 John Henry Patterson died (born 1844). Founder of National Cash Register Company.

1922 The entrance to the tomb of King Tutankhamen was discovered in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

1922 Peter Paul Candy Mfg. Co., Inc. registered 'Mounds' trademark (candy bar).

1922 The 1,046 room Mount Royal Hotel opened in Montreal, Canada.

1922 Laroy S. Starrett died. American inventor, he received more than 100 patents. His first patent was for a meat chopping machine named the 'Hasher'

1922 Alexander Graham Bell died (born 1847). Scottish-American inventor of the telephone.

1922 Betty Marion White was born. She was the actress who played the 'Happy Homemaker' Sue Ann Nivens on the Mary Tyler Moore TV show.

1922 Michael Vale was born (died 2005). Actor who portrayed 'Fred the Baker' in Dunkin' Donuts commercials and 'Sam Breakstone' in Kraft Foods' dairy commercials.

1922 David Tallichet, founder of Specialty Restaurants Corp, was born Dec 20 (died Oct 31, 2007).  A former WW II pilot, many of the restaurants have aviation themes, or are located on prime waterfront or hilltop properties. (I was Executive Chef at one of his restaurants, 'Britanny Hill' in Denver, Colorado in the 1980s - Chef James)

1922 Quaker introduces Quaker Quick Oats, one of the first convenience products.

1922 Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Jane Cochran) died. In 1889 Bly successfully completed an attempt to beat the record of Jules Verne's fictional Phileas Fogg to go 'Around the World in Eighty Days'. Bly was a U.S. newspaper reporter and completed the journey in 72 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes and 14 seconds.

1922 Actor Telly Savalas was born.  In the TV series 'Kojak' he played tough NY City detective Lt. Kojak who had a fondness for Tootsie Roll Pops (lollipops).

1922 Capper-Volstead Act gives cooperatives legal standing.

1922 Donald McLean was born. He was a Scottish potato expert who supposedly had the world's largest private collection of potatoes, with 367 varieties.

1922 Thomas Edison patented a method for making metal foils.

1922 ‘Fruit Garden & Home Magazine' was founded. Two years later it was renamed ‘Better Homes & Gardens’.

1922 Blake Edwards, American film director and producer. Among his films are 'Breakfast at Tiffany's,' 'Days of Wine and Roses,' and 'The Tamarind Seed.'

1922 (Highest recorded shade temperature, 136.4 degrees F  near Tripoli, Libya).  After a review in 2012, this record was rejected by the World Meteorological Organization. See July 10, 1913 for new accepted record.

1922 The BBC officially began daily radio broadcasting with the  6 p.m. news.

1922 Marcel Proust died.

1922 'A Fantastic Fricassee' opened at the Greenwich Village Theatre in New York.

1922 Charles M. Schulz was born. American cartoonist, best known for the 'Peanuts' comic strip.

1922 A popular demonstration at the 1922 Los Angeles County Fair was how to make toothpaste from orange by-products.

1922 William Isaly invented the Klondike Bar, squares of ice cream covered with milk chocolate.  It was named after the Klondike River in Canada, site of the Klondike Gold Rush.

1922 Girl Scout cookies go on sale for the first time in July.

1922 John Wanamaker died. Founder of Wanamaker's department store, the first store in U.S. with electric arc lamps, first with a telephone, first to offer money back guarantee. He also financed Anna Jarvis's successful campaign to recognize Mother's Day as an official holiday.

1923 Welch's grape jelly is introduced.

1923 Libby, McNeill & Libby introduce the first commercially canned tomato juice.

1923 Yoo Hoo chocolate drink is introduced.

1923 Leah Chase was born (died 2019). Chef and civil rights activist, known as the 'Queen of Creole Cuisine,' she was co-owner and executive chef of the historic Dooky Chase's Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana. [Dooky Chase's Restaurant website]

1923 Michael Joseph Owens died.  Invented a revolutionary automatic glass bottle making machine.  Founded Owens Bottle Machine Co.  (see also: 1895).

1923 Maria Cecilia Sophia Anna Kalogeropoulos was born. Otherwise known as opera diva Maria Callas. She is a passionate recipe collector.

1923 The Velveeta Cheese Company is incorporated as a separate company in Monroe, New York.  Velveeta had been invented in 1918 by Emil Frey of the Monroe Cheese Co.  Velveeta cheese was packaged using a 1921 invention of a tinfoil lining that could house the cheese inside a wooden box. Its special cooking properties quickly caught on. When melted, it was as smooth as velvet (hence its name), and it would never curdle when heated.  (Acquired by Kraft in 1927).

1923 Velveeta Cheese Co. registered 'Velveeta' trademark.

1923 Manitoba repeals the Prohibition Act of 1916 and adopts government control of the sale of alcohol instead

1923 Joseph Rosefield, of Alameda, California received a patent for new process to manufacture peanut butter.  The process prevented oil separation in peanut butter, creating the first shelf-stable peanut butter that would stay fresh for up to a year because oil didn't separate from peanut butter. He licensed another company to make 'Peter Pan' peanut butter in 1923, and in 1932 his own company, Rosefield Packing Company, began marketing 'Skippy' peanut butter.

1923 Secretary of the U.S. Dept of Interior, Albert Fall, resigns due to public outrage over the Teapot Dome scandal.

1923 The Coca Cola 6 bottle carton was introduced.

1923 'Yes, We Have No Bananas' was written by Frank Silver and Irving Cohn. It was one of the most popular songs of the 1920s.

1923 Sir James Dewar died. He invented the 'Dewar Flask,' the original 'thermos bottle'.

1923 Listerine was registered as a trademark.

1923 Delmonico's Restaurant closed its doors, a victim of Prohibition. (Some sources list 1918)

1923 James Arness was born. Best known as Marshal Matt Dillon on the TV series 'Gunsmoke,' he also played the creature in the 1951 movie 'The Thing from Another World.'  The creature was a vegetable based alien life form, a 'super intellectual carrot.'

1923 Nancy Green died. Nancy Green was hired to represent and demonstrate Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix.  At the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago, the exhibit was so popular that police had to control the crowds at the Aunt Jemima booth. Fair officials awarded her a medal and proclaimed her Pancake Queen. She played the part of Aunt Jemima until her death in a car accident.

1923 Jean Nidetch was born. founder of Weight Watchers, offering dieting products and services. It began as a discussion group for weight loss.

1923 Alfred Heineken was born. Grandson of Gerard Adriaan Heineken, the founder of Heineken Brewery. He was president of the company from 1964 to 1989.

1923 HyperInflation ran rampant in Europe. A loaf of bread cost 140 Billion German Marks.

1923 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are introduced by former Pennsylvania farmer H.B. Reese, who took a job operating one of Hershey's dairy farms in 1917 and later started a candy company of his own.

1923 The Butterfinger candy bar was invented.

1923 The boysenberry, a raspberry-blackberry hybrid, was developed by Rudolph Boysen.

1923 Charcoal briquets were introduced.

1923 Candy maker Frank C. Mars of Minnesota introduced the Milky Way candy bar in 1923.

1923 Commercial hybrid seed corn developed.

1923 Harry G. Tatosian of Bridgeport, Connecticut received U.S. patent No. 1,440,851 for an Ice-Cream-Cone-Rolling Machine (possibly the first).

1923 Canada and the U.S. sign the 'Halibut Treaty' (Convention for the Preservation of the Halibut Fishery of the Northern Pacific Ocean) to preserve North Pacific fish stocks, providing for joint management of the Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) and a 3-month closed winter season.  This was Canada's first treaty negotiated independently of Britain.

1923 The first issue of Time The Weekly Newsmagazine was published.

1923 Scotland: Cutty Sark Scots Whisky was created by Berry Brothers & Rudd wine and spirit merchants.

1923 Frederick Banting & John Macleod of the University of Toronto win the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their discovery of the hormone insulin.

1923 The United Farmers of Alberta form the Alberta Wheat Pool agricultural cooperative to stabilize prices. The Wheat Pool has over 25,700 members and over 1 million hectares under contract.

1923 Prohibition ends in Saskatchewan, Canada.

1924 The First Winter Olympics open at Chamonix, in the French Alps.

1924 Washburn Crosby Company (General Mills predecessor) introduced 'Wheaties' breakfast cereal (originally called ‘Washburn's Gold Medal Whole Wheat Flakes’).

1924 James Cobden of Dahinda, Saskatchewan, Canada, wins the World Wheat Championship for best Hard Red Spring Wheat at the International Hay and Grain Show in Chicago, Illinois.

1924 The province of Alberta, Canada votes to end prohibition.

1924 Cellucotton Products Co. registered "Kleenex" trademark.

1924 The first Iodized table salt in the U.S. went on sale in at grocers in Michigan. Adequate intake of iodine helps prevent goiter (swelling of the thyroid gland).

1924 First planes designed specifically for crop-dusting operations in the Mississippi Delta.

1924 Carl R. Taylor of Cleveland, Ohio received U.S. patent (No. 1,481,813) for an ice cream cone rolling machine.

1924 Abe Vigoda was born. American character actor. One of his well known TV characters was 'Fish' on 'Barney Miller'.

1924 Henry Mancini was born.  Oscar winning music composer, he wrote many songs and film scores, including the score for 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

1924 'Jelly-Roll Blues' was recorded by blues great Jelly Roll Morton.

1924 Clarence Birdseye, with the financial backing of Wetmore Hodges, William Gamage, Basset Jones, I.L. Rice and J.J. Barry, organized the General Seafood Corporation. The birth of the frozen food industry.

1924 James Earl (Jimmy) Carter was born. He was a peanut farmer, and 39th president of the U.S. (He also claimed to have been attacked by a rabbit while canoeing. He beat the rabbit off with a paddle).

1924 The first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was originally called a Christmas Parade.

1924 The musical 'Lollipop' opened at the Knickerbocker Theatre in New York City.

1925 In Canada, wheat farmers harvest a record 423 million bushels of wheat.

1925 Mr. Goodbar is introduced by Hershey Chocolate Co.

1925 U.S. refrigerator sales reach 75,000.

1925 Sears, Roebuck & Co. expanded it's catalog business by opening its first retail store in the Merchandise building (its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois).

1925 The Butler Act is adopted, prohibiting the teaching of 'Evolution in Tennessee schools.

1925 William Lever died (born Sept 19, 1851). British manufacturer who founded Lever Brothers soap company with his brother James. Lever was one of the first to produce soap from vegetable oils rather than tallow.

1925 The third Madison Square Garden opened. Demolished in 1968/69 and replaced by the current Madison Square Garden on the site of the original Pennsylvania Station.

1925 The play 'Lima Beans' opened at Wallack's Theatre in New York.

1925 'Applesauce' opened at the Ambassador Theatre in New York City.

1925 Paul Newman was born (died 2008). Actor, director, race car driver, etc. Newman also co-founded 'Newman's Own' food company, which donates all profits to charity (amounting to more than $380 million as of 2013).

1925 Elmer 'Len' Dresslar Jr. was born (died 2005). Voice actor, best known as the booming voice of the Jolly Green Giant in commercials.

1925 Robert Koldewey died.  A German archaeologist who discovered and confirmed the existence and location of the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon (excavations 1899-1917).

1925 Roquefort cheese became the first cheese to receive the "Appellation d'Origine Controlee" (AOC)

1925 Actor Jack Lemmon was born. A couple of his film titles: 'The Fortune Cookie,' 'Days of Wine and Roses.'

1925 Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt died. An English physician, he invented the short (6 inch) clinical thermometer. Before this a foot long thermometer was used that took 20 minutes to determine a patient's temperature. Ouch!

1925 'Tea for Two' is recorded by Binnie Hale & the Palace Theater Orchestra.

1925 Teaching the theory of evolution became illegal in Tennessee.

1925 John T. Scopes was arrested for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in a Tennessee public school.

1925 In Georgia, Tom Huston invents a mechanical peanut sheller.

1925 M.S. Swaminathan was born. Swaminathan is an Indian geneticist and a leading figure in India's Green Revolution, which distributed high yield wheat and rice varieties to poor farmers.

1925 John Hawkes was born. American avant-garde novelist, author of Blood Oranges, The Lime Twig, The Goose on the Grave, etc.

1925 The Marx Brothers 'The Cocoanuts' opened on Broadway.

1925 The first motel opens, the Milestone Mo-Tel Inn, in San Luis Obispo, California, built by architect Arthur Hienemen.  A hotel designed specifically for drivers, the name is a shortened term for 'motor hotel.'

1925 New York City had 17,000 restaurants.

1925 Three to 4 man-hours of labor required on 1 acre to produce 20 bushels of wheat.

1925 Discovered that ethylene is the agent responsible for initiating fruit coloring in oranges.


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