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The Ethical Gourmet: How to Enjoy Great Food That Is Humanely Raised, Sustainable, Nonendangered, and That Replenishes the Earth


by Jay Weinstein
Publisher’s catalog page

Over 70 percent of Americans consider themselves environmentalists. More than ever, we want to be sure that what we eat doesn't deplete resources, cause animal or human suffering, or lead to pollution. We want assurances that our food is free from antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones. But we still want it flavorful, easy to get and easy to prepare.

Filled with 100 healthy, tantalizing recipes, THE ETHICAL GOURMET is part handbook and part cookbook: it helps us find environmentally conscious food and then shows how to cook it up in irresistible fashion.

In conjunction with recipes for flavorful dishes such as Manchego-Potato Tacos with Pickled Jalapenos, Zucchini Spaghetti with Garlicky Clams and Grilled Bluefish, or Pumpkin  Basmati Rice Pilaf, Weinstein informs readers how to make more environmentally responsible eating decisions.

He explains what "organic" really means, shows where to purchase ethically raised foods, and offers environmentally agreeable choices for those who want to dine out. Weinstein also does not shy away from the more controversial topics, such as genetically modified foods and taking on the societal virtues of "environmentally friendly" items as shade-grown coffee and wooden chopsticks.

Weinstein also explores a number of sensitive and relevant environmental issues for readers and consumers, including:
 • The "Dirty Dozen" and The Best of the Bunch: Which crops use the most pesticides, and which crops have the least
 • Bottled Water: Is it Really Better for You, and Is it Better for the Environment?
 • Genetically Modified Food: It has recently been demonized by many critics and the media, but could it actually be a safe and environmentally responsible approach?
 • The Four Tiers of Ethical Produce: Learn the difference between Local Organic, Local, Organic, and Produced by Ethical Methods
 • Cracking the PLU Code: What PLU (those bar codes on your food packages) can tell you about whether your food is organic, conventional, or genetically modified.
 • Coffee: How to Discern and Choose between Organic, Fair Trade, or Shade-Grown Beans
 • The good news about Organic Chocolate: Some brands that pass the taste test and won't break the bank

The book also has a thorough Resource Guide, with websites to help environmentally-minded consumers buy the best beverages, meat and poultry, seafood, produce, specialty and ethnic groceries, as well as providing information for helpful political, social, and environmental websites.

About the Author: Jay Weinstein is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) with a degree in journalism from NYU. He is a protégée of Jasper White and has cooked at Le Bernardin. He has written two cookbooks and his articles have appeared in the New York Times and Travel and Leisure. He is the editor of the CIA newsletter Kitchen and Cook, and he lives in New York City.


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COOKBOOKSD-E: 'Daves' to 'Exploring' >  (The) Ethical Gourmet
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