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“The duty of a good Cuisinier is to transmit to the next generation everything he has learned and experienced.”   Fernand Point, 1941


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Celery stalks, celery seed and celeriac (celery root) are each grown commercially from different varieties of the plant.

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FRIDAY - AUGUST 22, 2014

DAILY Trivia Questions are below


“In department stores, so much kitchen equipment is bought indiscriminately by people who just come in for men's underwear.”
Julia Child (1912-2004)

Food Holidays - Today is:

• National Pecan Torte Day


On this day in:

1647 Denis Papin is born.  The French physicist who invented the pressure cooker (Papin's Digester) in 1679

1865 William Sheppard of New York City received a patent for liquid soap.

1867 Charles Francis Jenkins was born.  An inventor who is best known as an early television pioneer.  Among his many inventions was a cone-shaped drinking cup.

1867 Maximilian Bircher-Benner was born.  He was a Swiss doctor who developed the cereal product 'Muesli,' which is similar to Granola.

1939 The first U.S. patent was issued for a disposable whipped cream aerosol container.  Julius S. Kahn's patent was titled "An Apparatus for Mixing a Liquid with a Gas" and was specifically concerned with making whipped cream, using an ordinary soda bottle.

1965 Ellen Church died (born Sept 22, 1904). The first airline stewardess. (See May 15, 1930)

1970 Giada De Laurentiis was born in Italy. American chef, cookbook author and TV cooking show host ('Everyday Italian', 'Giaca At Home', etc.)

1970 'Spill The Wine' by Eric Burdon & War hit number 3 on the charts.

2004 Sonya Thomas won $500 and a trophy belt at the World Lobster Eating Contest in Kennebunkport, Maine.  She ate 9.76 pounds of lobster meat (38 lobsters) in 12 minutes.  She also held the record for hard boiled eggs, and pork & beans (8.4 pounds in 2 minutes 47 seconds).  She weighs only 105 pounds.

2007 A 12 year-old boy in Manchester, England was charged with assault for throwing a cocktail sausage at a 74 year-old man.


August 21-24  31st Annual Tomato Festival - Pittston, Penn
August 21-24, 2014  Los Angeles Food & Wine - California
August 22-23  5th Great Southern Tailgate Cook-off - Florida
August 23-30  National Championship Chuckwagon Race - Ark.
August 24  Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival - Austin, Texas
August 24, 2014  Minnesota Cooks - St. Paul, Minnesota
(See All Food Festivals & Shows)

FOOD TRIVIA QUIZ    (new DAILY questions)

1) The ancient Greeks and Romans thought this annual herb would only grow if you screamed wild curses and shouted unintelligibly while sowing the seeds. They also believed if you left a leaf under a pot, it would turn into a scorpion. Many believed that even smelling the leaves would cause scorpions to grow in the brain. Salome hid John the Baptist's head in a pot of this herb to cover up the odor of it's decomposition.  In Italy it is a token of love, in Romania if a girl gives a sprig to her boyfriend, they are engaged, and a good Hindu goes to rest with a leaf on his breast as a passport to Paradise.  What is this common herb?
   a) mint   b) basil   c) thyme   d) tarragon   e) sage

2) Growing on a relative of the mango, cashew and turpentine tree, these are native to central Asia (probably originating around Persia). They have been cultivated for over 7,000 years, (they are mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible) and before that were gathered from the wild. The Greeks were (and are) very fond of them, and use them in many pastries. Today they are grown mainly in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries and in California.

3) This cross between a blackberry & raspberry was developed by and American lawyer in 1881 in Santa Cruz, California.

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This website is dedicated to:
· Gladys Ehler, my mother, who taught me patience and how to make Sauerbraten (it is still my favorite)
· Edward Ehler, my father, who taught me a love of books and history.
· Cpl. Thomas E. Saba, my nephew.  Died in action on Feb. 7, 2007 in Iraq.  He was 30 yrs. young.

          Chef James



Cardamom is one of the oldest spices in the world, and the most popular spice in ancient Rome was probably cardamom.  It is the world's second most expensive spice, saffron being the most expensive.
Cardamom is the dried, unripened fruit of the perennial Elettaria cardamomum.  Enclosed in the fruit pods are tiny, brown, aromatic seeds which are slightly pungent to taste.  Cardamom pods are generally green but are also available in bleached white pod form.  It is available both in the whole pod and as decorticated seeds with the outer hull removed.

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Carp tongue was considered a delicacy during the Middle Ages.

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