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“The duty of a good Cuisinier is to transmit to the next generation everything he has learned and experienced.”   Fernand Point, 1941


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Arrowroot is the name of the edible starch produced from the rhizomes of the arrowroot plant. The fine, white powder is used as a thickener in cooking.  It is the most easily digestible of the cooking starches, and has about twice the thickening power as flour.  It produces a clear sauce with a glossy finish, excellent for fruit glazes and light savory sauces.

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For Details, History and more Daily, Weekly and Monthly Food Holidays for JULY, including links to Holiday Origins and additional information, please see the:


• Lasagna Awareness Month
• National Baked Bean Month
• National Blueberry Month
• National Culinary Arts Month
• National Grilling Month
• National Horseradish Month
• National Hot Dog Month
• National Ice Cream Month (July is the peak month for ice cream sales in the United States)

• National Picnic Month
• National Pickle Month
• National Watermelon Month
• UK: National Fishing Month (July 18-Aug 31, 2014)

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 TUESDAY - JULY 22, 2014

Weekly Trivia Quiz is below


“As a work of art, I know few things more pleasing to the eye, or more capable of affording scope and gratification to a taste for the beautiful, than a well-situated, well cultivated farm.”
Edward Everett (1857)

Food Holidays - Today is:

• National Penuche Day
• Rat Catcher’s Day (see 1376 below)


On this day in:

1376 According to legend, the Pied Piper got rid of all the rats in the German town of Hamelin. When the townspeople refused to pay, the Pied Piper led all the towns children away.  This is the date given by Richard Rowland Verstegan in 1605 - the earliest version in English.  In 'The Anatomy of Melancholy' (1621) Robert Burton gives the date as June 20, 1484.  Other dates range back to 1284 AD.

1461 Charles VII of France was born. His mistress, Agnes Sorel, was a celebrated cook who created several dishes, and had several culinary creations named in her honor. (Agnes Sorel soup garnish, Agnes Sorel Timbales, etc.).

1822 Gregor (Johann) Mendel was born. Mendel was an Austrian botanist whose work was the foundation of the science of genetics. Working mainly with garden peas (some 28,000 plants over 7 years), he discovered what was to become know as the laws of heredity.

1915 Sir Sanford Fleming died. He devised the present system of time zones while working for the Canadian Pacific Railway.

1956 Curnonsky (Maurice Edmond Sailland) died. At the age of 84, he leaned too far out of his window and fell to his death. French writer, novelist, biographer, and gastronome. Curnonsky was known as the "Prince of Gastronomes," a title he was awarded in a public referendum in 1927, and a title no one else has ever been given.

1957 Walter Frederick Morrison of La Puente, California filed a design patent (No. 183,626) application for a plastic 'Flying Toy' which he sold under the name 'Pluto Platter' - this was the basic design for the 'Frisbie.'  Wham-O purchased the rights in 1955.

1967 The rock group Vanilla Fudge made its concert debut in New York


July 23-27  27th Oregon Brewers Festival - Portland, Oregon
July 25-27  36th Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival - Gilroy, California
July 25-27, 2014  Yale Bologna Festival - Yale, Michigan
July 26, 2014  Bacon and Beer Classic - New York, New York
July 27, 2014  New York Tomato Blast - Corona, New York

FOOD TRIVIA QUIZ    (new on July 20, 2014)

1) All of the following events took place in the same year. Can you guess what Year?
• Ralph's Grocery Store opens in a small California town with a population of 10,000. The name of the town is Los Angeles.
·• Le Grande Dictionnaire de Cuisine is published. Author Alexandre Dumas (pere) died 2 years before its publication.
·• George Grant imported 4 Aberdeen Angus bulls from Scotland to his farm in Kansas. They are the first Aberdeen Angus in the U.S.
•· From Beijing, China, James Palmer obtained 9 Pekin ducks, the beginning of duck farms on Long Island, New York.
•· Paris, France rules that margarine may not be sold as butter.
•· Nestle's begins selling 'Infant Milk Food' in the U.S.
•· The Golden Brewery is started by Adolph Herman Joseph Coors and Jacob Schueler in Golden, Colorado.
•· The Grand Pacific Hotel opens in Chicago.
•· Adolphus Busch becomes a partner in his father in law's Bavarian Brewery, which is renamed the E. Anheuser & Co. Brewing Assn.
In what year did all the events take place?

2) Thyme, sage, betony, horehound, rosemary, hyssop, lavender, and savory are all members of what plant family?

3) Marshmallows were originally made from a plant, the marsh mallow.  Which of the following plants are in this same Mallow family?
  a) Hollyhock
  b) Cotton
  c) Okra
  d) Rose of Sharon
  e) Swamp Cabbage

4) What is Manchego and what connection does it have to Don Quixote?

5) What fruit is the design motif known as 'Paisley' based on?

6) What was created by Auguste Escoffier in 1897, and supposedly named by Cesar Ritz of the Savoy (or his wife Marie) in honor of Helen Porter Mitchell, an Australian native?

7) In 1850, there were an estimated 20 million head of buffalo on the western plains. How many head of longhorn cattle shared the prairie with them?

8) What did Millard Fillmore and his wife Abigail do that caused the White House cooks to quit in protest?

9) What was the first fresh fruit to carry a trademark?

10) What were the original 7 flavors of Kool-Aid?

11) What is the white edible portion of cauliflower called?

Click here for the answers to this Culinary Quiz

This website is dedicated to:
· Gladys Ehler, my mother, who taught me patience and how to make Sauerbraten (it is still my favorite)
· Edward Ehler, my father, who taught me a love of books and history.
· Cpl. Thomas E. Saba, my nephew.  Died in action on Feb. 7, 2007 in Iraq.  He was 30 yrs. young.

          Chef James



Apricots originally came from China.  This golden fruit has been around for more than 4,000 years.  Apricots progressively made their way through the Persian Empire to the Mediterranean where they were fondly adopted.  Spanish explorers introduced the apricot to the New World, and they were planted in the gardens of Spanish missions all over California.  The first recorded major production of apricots in America was in 1792 south of San Francisco.

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Anise seeds are used in aperitifs and liqueurs such as vermouth, anisette, raki, absinthe, pastis, ouzo, Pernod, etc.

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