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“The duty of a good Cuisinier is to transmit to the next generation everything he has learned and experienced.”   Fernand Point, 1941


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February Food Months:

For Details, History and more Daily, Weekly and Monthly Food Holidays for FEBRUARY, including LINKS to Holiday Origins and Additional Information, please see the:

February is:

• African American History Month
• American Heart Month
• Bake for Family Fun Month
• Canned Food Month [Canned Food Alliance]
• Chocolate Lovers Month
• Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month [The Florida Strawberry Growers Assn was founded in February 1982]
• Great American Pies Month
• National Bird Feeding Month [In January 1994, Illinois 10th District Congressman John Porter read a resolution in the Congressional Record making February National Bird Feeding Month. The observance was established because it's one of the most difficult months in much of the U.S. for birds to survive in the wild]
• National Cherry Month [Cherry Marketing Inst]
• National Children's Dental Health Month
[American Dental Association]
• National Grapefruit Month
• National Hot Breakfast Month
• National Potato Lover's Month
• National Snack Food Month
• Sweet Potato Month [North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission]
• Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month

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Sunday, Fabruary 1, 2015

DAILY Trivia Questions are below


“When we lose, I eat. When we win, I eat. I also eat when we're rained out.”
Tommy Lasorda (Dodgers baseball team manager)

Food Holidays - Today is:

• Super Bowl Sunday 2015
• National Baked Alaska Day (Baked Alaska History)
• Feast of St. Brigid of Ireland, patron of cattle, chicken farmers, dairymaids.
• UK: British Yorkshire Pudding Day (Feb 1, 2015)

• African Heritage & Health Week Feb 1-7, 2015
(commemorates the foods, flavors and healthy cooking techniques that were core to the wellbeing of African ancestors from Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and the American South.)


On this day in:

1787 ‘Botanical Magazine’ was first published in London, edited by William Curtis.

1788 The state of Georgia issued Isaac Briggs and William Longstreet a patent for a steam engine.

1894 The first volume of the Oxford English Dictionary was published.

1913 Grand Central Terminal in New York City opens. It is the largest railroad station in the world, with 44 platforms and 67 tracks on 2 levels.

1919 The first Miss America, Edith Hyde Robbins, was crowned at the Hotel des Artistes in New York City. (This was before the Atlantic City Miss America Contest began in 1921)

1920 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police was established by the merger of the Royal North-West Mounted Police (RNWMP) and the Dominion Police.

1939 State Rep. Cleveland Sleeper Jr. introduces a bill to the Maine Legislature to make it illegal to use tomatoes in clam chowder. (exact day uncertain).
(Chowder Trivia & History  -  Clam Chowder Recipes)

1953 James Lewis Kraft died. Founder of Kraft Co. a wholesale cheese distributor and producer. In 1916 he patented pasteurized process cheese, a low cost cheese that would not spoil. Not a great hit with the public, but the U.S. army purchased over 6 million tins of it during WW I. During the depression, it became popular because of its low cost.
(Kraft Trivia & Facts)

1960 Four 'colored' students from the Agricultural and Technical College in Greensboro, North Carolina sat down at the lunch counter in Woolworth's and ordered coffee. They were refused service, but made history.

1982 Wolfgang Puck and his wife & partner, Barbara Lazaroff, opened their restaurant 'Spago' in Los Angeles

1982 A cow in Cuba, named Ubre Blanca, set a world record when it produced 28 gallons of milk in one day, which is about 4 times an average cow's daily output. Ubre Blanca later set the record for total output during a 305 day lactation period of 6,405 gallons. (Milk Trivia & Facts)

2008 New Zealand Crop & Food Research scientists announced they have created a tear-free onion.
(Tears & Onions  --  Onion Trivia & Facts)


· Jan 22-Feb 1, 2015  St. Paul Winter Carnival - St. Paul, Minn
· Jan 27-Feb 1  Key West Food & Wine Festival - Florida
· February 6-8, 2015  Delray Beach Garlic Fest - Florida
· Feb 7-8, 2015  Chocolate Festival - Moorehead City, NC
· February 7-8, 2015  Chocolate Lovers Festival - Fairfax, VA


Sweet Potato & Yams   • Parsnips   • Turnips
Onions   • Cranberries   • Squash

FOOD TRIVIA QUIZ    (new DAILY questions)

1) This tree has aromatic, evergreen leaves, and produces a year round crop of a peachlike, but tough dry fruit. When ripe, the fruit splits open revealing a large seed, surrounded by a red lacy network. Both the red fleshy part and the large seed are used to make two different food products. 
What are these two distinct food products?

2) This genus of tuberous rooted herbs of the daisy family, is native to Mexico and Central America, and grows at elevations of 5,000 feet and above. (It is the national flower of Mexico.) They were brought to Spain in 1789 and soon spread to Britain, France and the rest of Europe. The botanist, Andreas Dahl, considered it a vegetable, and the French, like the Aztecs, cultivated the plant for its edible tuber. The tuber has a taste similar to the Jerusalem artichoke, and are cooked in the same manner. The emphasis soon switched to its use as a garden flower, when some of the larger, double flowered varieties arrived in Europe. There are about 2,000 varieties grown for their flowers, which include single and double flowers in white, yellow, red, orange, purple and bicolor. 
Name this plant.

Click here for the answers to these Food Trivia Questions

This website is dedicated to:
· Gladys Ehler, my mother, who taught me patience and how to make Sauerbraten (it is still my favorite)
· Edward Ehler, my father, who taught me a love of books and history.
· Cpl. Thomas E. Saba, my nephew.  Died in action on Feb. 7, 2007 in Iraq.  He was 30 yrs. young.

          Chef James


"There are those who say that a life devoted to food -- cooking it, eating it, writing about it, even dreaming about it -- is a frivolous life, an indulgent life.  I would disagree.  If we do not care what we eat, we do not care for ourselves, and if we do not care for ourselves, how can we care for others?"
Fictional cookery writer Hilary Small, in episode 6, series 2 of 'Pie In the Sky'

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Avocados were first cultivated in South America with later migration to Mexico.  It was believed that a Mayan princess ate the very first avocado and that it held mystical and magical powers.  European sailors traveling to the New World used avocados as their form of butter.  Avocados were first seen in the United States in the early 1800's.  California is currently the largest producer of avocados stateside.  There are more than 80 varieties, with the "Hass" variety dominating the crop share.  A single mature avocado tree can produce more than 400 pieces of fruit in a year.

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Arizona has a land area of almost 72.7 million acres, with about 1.2 million acres used for growing crops and 22.9 million acres of pastureland.  About 29,000 acres of cropland was used to grow certified organic crops.  Almost 85% of Arizona's 15,500  farms were under 100 acres in size.

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