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1) All of the following events took place in the same year. Can you guess what Year?
• Ralph's Grocery Store opens in a small California town with a population of 10,000. The name of the town is Los Angeles.
·• Le Grande Dictionnaire de Cuisine is published. Author Alexandre Dumas (père) died 2 years before its publication.
·• George Grant imported 4 Aberdeen Angus bulls from Scotland to his farm in Kansas. They are the first Aberdeen Angus in the U.S.
•· From Beijing, China, James Palmer obtained 9 Pekin ducks, the beginning of duck farms on Long Island, New York.
•· Paris, France rules that margarine may not be sold as butter.
•· Nestle's begins selling 'Infant Milk Food' in the U.S.
•· The Golden Brewery is started by Adolph Herman Joseph Coors and Jacob Schueler in Golden, Colorado.
•· The Grand Pacific Hotel opens in Chicago.
•· Adolphus Busch becomes a partner in his father in law's Bavarian Brewery, which is renamed the E. Anheuser & Co. Brewing Assn.
In what year did all the events take place?

2) Thyme, sage, betony, horehound, rosemary, hyssop, lavender, and savory are all members of what plant family?

3) Marshmallows were originally made from a plant, the marsh mallow. 
Which of the following plants are in this same Mallow family?
  a) Hollyhock
  b) Cotton
  c) Okra
  d) Rose of Sharon
  e) Swamp Cabbage

4) What is Manchego and what connection does it have to Don Quixote?

5) What fruit is the design motif known as 'Paisley' based on?

6) What was created by Auguste Escoffier in 1897, and supposedly named by Cesar Ritz of the Savoy (or his wife Marie) in honor of Helen Porter Mitchell, an Australian native.

7) In 1850, there were an estimated 20 million head of buffalo on the western plains. How many head of longhorn cattle shared the prairie with them?

8) What did Millard Fillmore and his wife Abigail do that caused the White House cooks to quit in protest?

9) What was the first fresh fruit to carry a trademark?

10) What were the original 7 flavors of Kool-Aid?

11) What is the white edible portion of cauliflower called?


1) All of the events took place in 1873.

2) They are all members of the Mint Family. (Mint Trivia & Facts)

3) a, b, c, d - Hollyhock, cotton, okra and Rose of Sharon are all in the Mallow family.
The roots of the Marsh Mallow (Althaea officinalis) were the source for the original marshmallow candy, made by boiling the soft inner pulp from the roots with sugar until very thick.
(e) Swamp Cabbage is in the Palm family, and is a source of hearts of palm.)

4) Manchego is the best known and most widely available Spanish cheese. It comes from La Mancha, the land of Don Quixote, and was originally made only from the milk of Manchego sheep. Manchego is aged for 3 months or longer, and is a semi-firm cheese with a rich golden color. It comes in a 10 inch diameter wheel, 5 inches thick with a herringbone design on the rind. The flavor ranges from mild to sharp, depending on how long it is aged.

5) The 'Paisley' design motif is a design from India based on the mango.

6) Melba toast was created by Auguste Escoffier in 1897, and supposedly named by Cesar Ritz of the Savoy (or his wife Marie) in honor of Nellie Melba (stage name of Helen Porter Mitchell), an Australian born opera singer.  Melba toast is very thin, dry, crisp toast.

7) Open-range longhorn cattle herds are estimated at 50 million head in 1850.

8) They installed the first cooking stove in the White House. Previous to this, cooking was done in a fireplace. The president had to get an expert from the Patent Office show the cooks how to regulate the heat on the new stove before they would return to work.

9) In 1919 the California Fruit Growers Exchange burned 'Sunkist' on their oranges. 'Sunkist was burned into the skin of the first orange with a heated flyswatter.

10) Kool-Aid originally came in seven flavors: Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Grape, Orange, Lemon-Lime and Root Beer.

11) The white, edible portion of cauliflower is called the curd.

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