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1946 to 1950

1946 Dan Quayle is born. Destined to make the “potatoe” famous.

1946 The modern bikini swimsuit designed by Louis Reard first appeared at a poolside fashion show in Paris, modelled by Micheline Bernardini.

1946 Dr. Bejnamin Spock's best selling 'Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care' was published.

1946 Procter & Gamble registered the 'Tide' trademark for its 'sudsing, non-liquid, soap-like detergent.'

1946 Gifford Pinchot died (Born 1865).  He became the first chief of the new Forest Service when management of forest reserves was transferred to the Dept. of Agriculture from the Dept. of the Interior in 1905.  Regarded as a father of American conservation due to his concern for the protection of the American forests.

1946 Vincent Joseph Schaefer produced the first artificial snow from a natural cloud today over Mount Greylock in western Massachusetts. At 14,000 feet an airplane seeded the clouds with small particles of dry ice. Snow fell through 3,000 feet but evaporated in the dry air before it reached the ground. (In the same year, for his movie 'It's A Wonderful Life,' Frank Capra developed a new method for making fake snow using 'foamite' (used in fire extinguishers) mixed with sugar and water (some say soap flakes).

1946 The International Whaling Commission (IWC) was established as the decision-making body of the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling (ICRW), "to provide for the proper conservation of whale stocks and thus make possible the orderly development of the whaling industry."

1946 Musician Gram Parsons was born.  Member of the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers.
Adolfo De La Parra of the music group 'Canned Heat' was born.
1946 Jeffrey Hammond of the music group 'Jethro Tull' was born.
1946 Dean Ford of the music group 'Marmalade' was born.
1946 Jim Pons, Jim Tucker, & G. Allan Nichol of the music group 'The Turtles' were born.
1946 Carmine Appice of music group 'Vanilla Fudge' was born.
1946 Jimmy Buffet, musician, was born. 'Cheesburger in Paradise,' 'Margaritaville' etc.
1946 Chicken Shack guitarist Stan Webb was born in February.
1946 Paul Wheatbread, drummer with Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, was born in February.

1946 James Beard hosted the first regular televised cooking show in the U.S., 'I Love To Eat'

1946 Felix Hoffman died February 8 (born Jan 21, 1868).  German chemist who first synthesized aspirin in 1897.  (see also Feb 27, 1900)

1946 George A. Hormel died on June 5 (born Dec 4, 1860).  Founder of meat packing company, George A. Hormel & Co. (Hormel Foods) in Austin, Minnesota in 1891.  Developed the first canned ham in 1926, introduced 'Spam' in 1937.

1946 The Andrews Sisters recorded 'Avocado'.

1946 'Catfish' Hunter, baseball pitcher, was born.

1946 The first CARE packages for survivors of WW II in Europe arrive at Le Havre, France. (Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe).

1946 George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' was published.

1946 Technique developed to produce high-quality frozen orange juice concentrate.

1946 'The Iceman Cometh' opened in New York City.

1946 Tupperware was introduced.  Products didn't sell well in retail outlets, primarily because consumers needed demonstrations in order to understand how the airtight seals worked.

1946 The Culinary Institute of America was founded in New Haven, Connecticut. In 1972 it relocated to Hyde Park, New York.

1946 The U.S. Congress passed the National School Lunch Act.

1946 Self rising cornmeal was marketed for the first time.

1946 The New Haven Restaurant Institute opened in a storefront. It soon became The Culinary Institute of America.

1946 Frozen French Fries went on sale at the R.H. Macy department store in New York.

1946 Philadelphia entrepreneur Edward J. Piszek and short order cook John Paul marketed frozen deviled crabs as the first product of their new company, Mrs. Paul's Kitchens.

1946 French's Instant Potato (mashed potatoes) was introduced.

1946 The cocktail 'Moscow Mule' was created (Smirnoff vodka and ginger beer in a copper mug).

1946 Brennan's Restaurant opens on Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

1946 UNICEF (the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) was established.

1946 Uri Geller, psychic spoon bender, was born.

1946 Louis Jordan's single, the fast paced and humorous "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens,” debuted on the rhythm and blues (R&B) charts.

1946 Mobster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel opens The Pink Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1947 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' is #1 on the U.S. pop music charts.

1947 Colgate-Palmolive registered 'Ajax' trademark (for soap and household cleanser).

1947 In Canada, a new record low temperature of -83°F was recorded at Snag in Yukon Territory.

1947 'Chocolate Soldier' opens at the New Century Theater in New York City.

1947 Seabiscuit, the championship thoroughbred race horse, died at age 14.

1947 Pan Am inaugurated the first round-the-world passenger service when the Lockheed Constellation 'Clipper America' with 21 passengers, 9 crew members and 400 pounds of food, departed from LaGuardia Airport in New York bound for San Francisco, the long way around. The trip covered more than 20,000 miles in 13 days, with 92 hours 43 minutes of flight time, landing in 17 cities and 10 countries.

1947 The Canadian government ends wartime price controls of meat.

1947 The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) was signed by 23 nations in Geneva. The Agreement eventually led to the establishment of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1995.

1947 Canada ends wartime price controls on sugar and molasses, ending more than 5 years of food rationing.

1947 New York City is buried under 25.8 inches of snow in 16 hours.

1947 ReddiWip is introduced, "real" whipped cream in an aerosol can.

1947 Paula Deen was born. American celebrity chef and TV cooking show host, Author of 14 cookbooks, Deen also owns The Lady & Sons restaurant in Savannah, Georgia.

1947 Lidia Bastianich was born.  American chef, restaurateur, author and award winning TV cooking show host (Lidia's Italy, Lidia's Family Table, etc.).

1947 Margaret Rudkin opened a Pepperidge Farm bakery in Norwalk, Connecticut.

1947 Amedeo Obici died on May 22 (born July 15, 1877).  Obici and Mario Peruzzi founded Planters Peanut Company in 1906. 

1947 John Ratzenberger, actor, was born. He played 'Cliff Clavin, Jr.' on the TV series 'Cheers.'
Arlo Guthrie was born. Woody Guthrie's son, he is most known for his ballad/story 'Alice's Restaurant.'
Musician Marvin Lee Aday, 'Meat Loaf', was born.
1947 Pete Ham of the music group 'Badfinger' was born.
1947 Buck Dharma of the music group 'Blue Oyster Cult' was born.
1947 Gary Talley of the music group 'The Box Tops' was born.
1947 Walter Orange of the music group 'The Commodores' was born.
1947 Bernie Leadon of the music group 'Flying Burrito Brothers' was born.
1947 Steve Marriot and Greg Ridley of the music group 'Humble Pie' were born.
1947 Glenn Cornick, Dave Pegg & Ian Anderson of the music group 'Jethro Tull' were born.
1947 Jerry Corbetta of the music group 'Sugarloaf' was born.
1947 Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan of the music group 'The Turtles' were born.
1947 Mark Stein of the music group 'Vanilla Fudge' was born.
1947 Musician Patrick Olive of 'Hot Chocolate' was born.

1947 Sylvester first tried to have Tweety Bird for lunch in a Warner Bros. cartoon.

1947 During the early evening Holt, Missouri received a world record 12 inches (300 mm) of rainfall in 42 minutes.

1947 The 'Kraft Television Theater' premiers on NBC TV.

1947 President Harry Truman became the first U.S. president to address the nation on television. He called on farmers and distillers to cut grain consumption to help Europeans who were still recovering from WW II and suffering from famine. Truman asked the public to not eat meat on Tuesdays and forego eggs and poultry on Thursdays.

1947 B.F. Goodrich announced the development of the tubeless tire.

1947 Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins died. He discovered what we now call 'vitamins.'  Essential nutrients needed to maintain health.

1947 Sugar rationing ends in the U.S.

1947 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) establishes working procedures that substantially reduces tariffs between member nations.

1947 An identified or unidentified object crashes near Roswell, New Mexico.

1947 Dutch chemists, Jozef Ferdinand Arens and David Adriaan van Dorp. synthesized vitamin A.

1947 The first aluminum foil, Reynolds Metals 'Reynolds Wrap' goes on sale.

1947 Edward H. Lowe invented Kitty Litter.

1947 Marilyn Monroe was crowned the first Artichoke Queen in Castroville, California, the Artichoke Capital of the World.

1947 'Bread and Butter Woman' was recorded by Danny Kaye & the Andrews Sisters.

1947 The first successful cloud seeding (with dry ice) took place at Concord, New Hampshire.

1947 Rhubarb was legally classified as a fruit in the U.S., even though botanically it is a vegetable.

1947 The children's TV show 'Howdy Doody' debuts on NBC.

1947 First U.S. case of scrapie diagnosed in sheep.

1947 Ted Danson, American actor, was born. Best known for his role as bartender Sam Malone on the TV series 'Cheers'.

1948 V-8 Cocktail Vegetable Juice is introdced by Campbell Soup Co.

1948 Nestle's Quik chocolate milk additive is introduced to compete with Ovaltine.

1948 The first Tupperware Home Party was held. They proved to be a very effective way to demonstrate the airtight seals.

1948 Swiss chemist Paul H. Muller received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovery of the insecticidal properties of DDT. (See also Jan 29, 1958)

1948 The children's show, 'Kukla, Fran and Ollie' premiered on NBC TV.

1948 Richard and Maurice McDonald open a quick service drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, California. Hamburgers are 15 cents and French fries 10 cents.

1948 The Supreme Court of Canada lifted a ban on margarine. Manufacturers can now produce and grocers can now sell margarine.

1948 John Evans of the music group 'Jethro Tull' was born.
1948 Robert Plant of the music group 'Led Zeppelin' was born.
1948 Jim Bonfanti of the music group 'The Raspberries' was born
1948 Brian Connolly and Mick Tucker of the music group 'Sweet' was born.
1948 Musician Harvey Hinsley of 'Hot Chocolate' was born.

1948 Aaron 'Bunny' Lapin developed a pressurized container designed to dispense his 'Reddi-Wip' whipped cream topping.

1948 Ultra-high temperature pasteurization is introduced.

1948 Time-temperature tolerance project began; ultimately developed nine principles for freezing vegetables that remain the industry standard.

1948 The opening of Britain's first supermarket, at Manor Park, run by the London Co-Op. I have conflicting information on this. Some sources say the first supermarket in Britain, ‘The Premier,’ opened on September 1, 1951.

1948 T-Bone Burnett, record producer and artist was born.

1948 The 'New Yorker' published J.D. Salinger's 'A Perfect Day for Banana Fish.'

The World Health Organization (WHO) was established.

1948 Kennebec potato released by USDA ARS.

1948 Prosper Montagne died. Montagne was one of the great French chefs of all time. He is mainly remembered as the creator of Larousse Gastronomique (1938), a comprehensive encyclopedia of French gastronomy.

1948 The TV show 'Toast of the Town' premiers on CBS with Ed Sullivan as the host.

1948 Richard Simmons was born. Weight loss program, Sweatin' to the Oldies. (A very strange person).

1948 Bread rationing ends in Britain.

1948 Harry Brearley died. Brearley was an English metallurgist who invented stainless steel in 1913.

1948 'More Beer' is recorded by the Ames Brothers.

1948 The first Polaroid Land Camera went on sale in Boston. This was the first successful self-developing camera; it took a photo about 1 minute to develop.

1948 Yutaka Ishinabe was born in Yokohama, Japan.  First French chef on the Japanese cooking program ‘Iron Chef.’  Founded restaurant chain, Queen Alice.

1948 Anna Jarvis died.  Successfully campaigned from 1908 to 1914 to have Mother's Day recognized as national holiday.

1948 The American Theatre Wing's 2nd annual Tony Awards were presented at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel's Grand Ballroom.

1949 Sara Lee Cheese Cake is introduced by Chicago baker Charles Lubin.

1949 To protect its dairy industry, Prince Edward Island, Canada, bans the sale or manufacture of margarine.

1949 'Candy Kisses' by George Morgan was #1 on the country music charts.

1949 United Fruit Co. registered the 'Chiquita Banana' trademark for fresh bananas.

1949 The first self-service coin operated laundry (laundrette) in Britain opened in Queensway, London.

1949 'Father Knows Best' debuted on NBC radio, sponsored by General Foods. The show moved to television in 1954.

1949 Dennis Robert Hoagland died (born 1884).  American plant physiologist. He perfected the water-culture technique for growing plants without soil.

1949 'The Lone Ranger' debuted on ABC-TV, sponsored by General Mills. The company began sponsoring the Lone Ranger radio broadcast in 1941 (with 'Cheerios') and continued its ties until the last television episode aired in 1957.

1949 The U.S. minimum wage was increased from 40 cents to 75 cents an hour.

1949 Antoine 'Fats' Domino recorded his first song with Imperial Records, 'The Fat Man.'  One of the earliest rock and roll records.

1949 'Mule Train' by Frankie Laine was number 1 on the music charts.

1949 Thomas Carvel of Hartsdale, New York, received a patent for an Apparatus for Agitating and Dispensing Frozen Foods [frozen custards, ice creams etc.] in semi-solid condition.

1949 The first all-electric dining car, the 'Cafe St. Louis', was put into service on the Illinois Central Railroad between Chicago, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri.

1949 Gennaro Contaldo was born. Chef, restaurateur and cookbook author.

1949 The first recorded snowfall in Los Angeles, California.

1949 Chocolate rationing ends in Britain.

1949 The first self defrosting refrigerators were offered for sale in the U.S.

1949 The Betty Crocker TV show premiers, starring Adelaide Hawley Cumming as Betty Crocker.

1949 Methods developed to remove off-taste in soybean oil, including deactivating trace metal contamination and reducing content of rancidity-causing linolenic acid.

1949 Larry Taylor of the rock group 'Canned Heat' was born.
1949 Wally Bryson & Eric Carmen of the music group 'The Raspberries' were born.
1949 Jeff Cook of the music group 'Alabama' was born.
1949 Clem Clempson of the music group 'Humble Pie' was born.
1949 Barriemore Barlow of the music group 'Jethro Tull' was born.

1949 Wolfgang Puck was born. Austrian chef, cookbook author and restaurateur.

1949 The largest muskellunge ('Muskie') caught with rod and reel weighed over 67 pounds and was caught in Hayward, Wisconsin.

1949 Lesley Hornsby, aka 'Twiggy' was born. Not exactly a poster girl for French Haute Cuisine!

1949 Bluecrop highbush blueberry released; the most widely planted blueberry cultivar in the world.

1949 Cheerios sponsored the 'Lone Ranger' TV show.

1949 Earl Olson of Minnesota founded Jennie-O, which would become the world's largest turkey processor.

1949 U.S. agricultural exports were about $2.42 billion a year during the 1940s (22% of total exports).

1949 Average commercial fertilizer use on U.S. farms during the 1940s was over 13.5 million tons per year.

1950 "If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake" by Eileen Barton was number one on the music charts.

1950 'The Cocktail Party' by T. S. Eliot won the Best Play award at the 4th Annual Tony Awards held at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City.

1950 Frederick M. Jones was issued U.S. patent No. 2,509,099 for a "System for controlling the operation of refrigeration units".

1950 Fuel rationing ends in the UK.  Petrol rationing was first imposed at the onset of World War II in September 1939.

1950 According to the U.N., world population was 2½ billion people.

1950 Hormel registered the "Spam" trademark (first used in 1937) for its canned meat product.

1950 By executive order of President Harry S. Truman, U.S. railroads were seized by the army at 4pm to avert a strike. Control was restored on May 23, 1952 when railroad owners and unions agreed to the administration's terms.

1950 Ricky Sharpe, a 13 year-old Junior Farmer from Alberta, wins the World Wheat Championship at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Canada. His 18 lb sample of Marquis wheat was judged the finest.

1950 R. P. Robbins of Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, Canada, won 'Wheat King' title, with a sample of Durham wheat at the International Livestock Exposition in Chicago, Illinois.

1950 John Hughes was born February 18 (died Aug 11, 2009). Film director and screenwriter. 'The Breakfast Club' (1985); 'Home Alone' (1990); 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' (1987).

1950 Pierre Gagnaire was born.  French chef, cookbook author and restaurateur. Considered one of the founders of both fusion cuisine and molecular cuisine.

1950 Mollie Katzen was born.  American chef and one of the best-selling cookbook authors of all time. Best known for the vegetarian 'Moosewood Cookbook' (1977).

1950 Voters in the Hawaii Territory ratified a state constitution, but it wasn't until 1959 that Hawaii officially became the 50th state of the U.S.

1950 Silly Putty was introduced to the world at the International Toy Fair in New York.  Packaged in 1 ounce portions in plastic eggs.

1950 President Truman signed the Oleomargarine Act which repealed Federal taxes on oleomargarine.

1950 'If I Knew You Were Comin' (I'd've Baked a Cake)' by Eileen Barton was No. 1 on the music charts.

1950 James Dean appears in a Pepsi Cola commercial, his first paid acting job.

1950 The population of the U.S. is now 151,325,798. Farmers are 12.2% of the labor force. There are about 5,388,000 farms, averaging about 216 acres.

1950 About 9% of U.S. homes have a television set.

1950 'Science' magazine announce the discovery of the new antibiotic, terramyacin.  What made it unusual is that Pfizer & Co. had discovered the antibiotic in a soil sample from Indiana. Pfizer had been searching soil samples from around the world for new bacteria fighting organisms.

1950 Of gainfully employed persons, 11 percent were engaged in agriculture.

1950 George Richard Minot died. An American physician, he was one of the developers of a raw-liver diet used to treat anemia. Mmmm, good!

1950 Charles M. Shultz's 'Peanuts' comic strip is published for the first time. (Sunday strips began Jan 6, 1952).

1950 Willis Haviland Carrier died. He invented the first practical air conditioner.

1950 Xanthan gum developed; an edible food gum fermented from glucose by a microorganism.

1950 Takeshi Kaga was born. A Japanese actor, he is best known as the host of the very successful TV show, 'Iron Chef.' It has been shown around the world dubbed or subtitled. There is an American version of the show on the Food Network, hosted by Kaga's nephew, Mark Dacascos.

1950 John Candy was born. Canadian comedian and actor, member of 'The Second City' comedy troupe.

1950 'If I Knew You Were Comin' (I'd've Baked a Cake)' by Eileen Barton was No. 1 on the music charts.

1950 George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, died. You will find many food related quotes from his works on the Food Reference website. ("Statistics show that of those who contract the habit of eating, very few survive.")

1950 The Telephone Answering Machine was created by Bell Laboratories and Western Electric.

1950 P.L. Spencer received a patent (No. 2,495,429) for the microwave oven. (applied for in 1945).

1950 The first credit card, the Diners Club was created by Frank McNamara after he realized he had forgotten his wallet after dining at a restaurant.

1950 There were 407 breweries in operation in the U.S.

1950 Pillsbury launches it's annual 'Bake-off' to promote flour.

1950 The Open Kettle, a coffee and donut shop in Quincy Mass. is renamed Dunkin' Donuts. The first franchise is sold in 1955.

1950 Minute Rice is introduced with the first consumer advertising ever put behind rice.

1950 The first commercially packaged sliced process cheese is introduced by Kraft - Deluxe Process Cheese.

1950 Pillsbury and General Mills introduce prepared cake mixes.

1950 Sugar pops are introduced

1950 Rudolph Boysen, died. He developed the boysenberry, a raspberry-blackberry hybrid in 1923.


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Today in Food HistoryFOOD TIMELINE: >  1946 to '50


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