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The Reality of Being a Chef
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Restaurant Realities Subject Titles:

• Talent isn’t Enough
• Professionals take time to ripen
• It’s not about your bliss
• There’s a fly in every ointment
• You earn what you are worth when you are worth it
• Five Star kitchens are not the only places which offer satisfying careers
• Location, location, location
• It’s all in the Bible
• Restaurants and hotels are an industry
• Managing a restaurant is different from managing anything else
• Pastry rarely if ever makes money for the restaurant
• No shortcuts
• Traveling is best done young
• You have to deal with people
• Yelling is stupid
• Not all people are nice
• Cook it and they will come - NOT
• Perception is half the battle
• There is no such thing as a good ‘chef manager’
• When the going gets tough, the wise stay put
• Liars lie, thieves steal
• You are not a social service
• It’s not about you
• He has ‘issues’
• You don’t have to be a chef
• Restaurant hours are long
• There is no such thing as MY CUISINE
• There is no such thing as a temperamental chef
• Sometimes it’s not your fault
• Chose the location before the title
• People coming from out of town frequently fail when opening new restaurants
• Don’t believe everything you hear
• Beware of rolling stones
• Pots call kettles black
• Mistrust excuses. Look for causes
• There are no rules

Directory of schools & classes for furthering your career in the Culinary Arts
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Should you attend a cooking school? Well, it’s not absolutely necessary. Experience is the ultimate teacher. But a good culinary education coupled with experience is even better.
     To be a successful chef you need a comprehensive education. It is hard work, and for the dedicated, the pay can be very good to excellent. But do it for the love, not for the money.
     Ask 100 chefs and you will probably get at least 25 different culinary schools that they feel are the best. Most college culinary arts programs are pretty good. There are a few that stand out - investigate each school you are interested in, and choose the school you feel most enthusiastic about.
     You will get out of it as much as you put into it.
     If you have a true passion for food you can have a very successful and rewarding culinary career.


Food Art and Food Posters


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