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American Cookery - 1796


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American Cookery, Amelia Simmons (1796)

The Authoress of the American Cookery, feels herself under peculiar obligations, publicly to acknowledge the kind patronage of so many respectable characters, in her attempts, to improve the minds of her own sex, and others in a line of business, which is not only necessary; but applies from day to day.

Notwithstanding the great disadvantages, with which, the first edition of this work made its appearance in the world; yet the call has been so great, and the sale so rapid, that she finds herself not only encouraged, but under a necessity of publishing a second edition, to accommodate a large and extensive circle of reputable characters, who wish to countenance the exertions of an orphan, in that which is designed for general utility to all ranks of people in this Republic. She hopes that this second edition, will appear, in a great measure, free from those egregious blunders, and inaccuracies, which attended the first: which were occasioned either by the ignorance, or evil intention of the transcriber for the press.

Nearly the whole of 17 pages in the first edition, was filled with rules, and directions, how to make choice of meats, fowls, fish and vegetables: this is a matter, with which, the Authoress does not pretend to be acquainted, much less to give directions to others; nor does she consider any way connected, with that branch which she has undertaken, which is, simply to point out the most eligible methods of preparing those various articles for the tables when procured. This was done by the transcriber, without her knowledge or consent; and may with propriety be considered as an affront upon the good sense of all classes of citizens.

Long experience has abundantly taught those who reside in cities, and in the country, how to distinguish between good and bad, as to every article brought into market. This part of the former edition, she considered altogether unnecessary, and accordingly has excluded it a place in this.

Many of the receipts were very erroneous, which she has endeavored to correct with the greatest care.

She has also taken pains to make considerable additions to this work, respecting many important articles, which were omitted in the former edition. Neither pains, nor labor have been spared, in her feeble exertions to render this small tract, more acceptable, and more extensively useful than the former.

Undoubtedly objections will be made and exceptions taken to many things in this work. In every instance where this may be the case, she has only to request, that they would remember, that it is the performance of, and effected under all those disadvantages, which usually attend, an Orphan.


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