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16th Century Food Quotes

". . . soups made with prime cuts of meat, bay-leaf soups, soups lionnoise (with onion and cheese); olives pickled in brine, caviar, boutargue (a paste of dried salted pressed mullet or tuna roes), stockfish (salted and dried cod); roast capons with their cooking juices, cockerels, hens, and turkey-hens, ducks à la dodiné, pigeons, squabs, geese, swans, herons, cranes, partridges, francolins, turtledoves, rock pigeons, pheasants, quails, plovers, blackbirds, woodcocks, hazel grouse, loons, etc.; leverets, fawns, young rabbits; sausages, black puddings (blood sausage), saveloys, andouilles spread with fine mustard, potted boar's head; bleaks, eels, barbels, pike, young carp, loach, tench, trout, shad, white apron (small perch-like fish), whales, plaice, dolphins, sea bream, sturgeons, lobsters, oysters in their shells, fried oysters, lampreys in hippocras sauce, dabs, laveret (salmon-like lake fish), salted hake, Moray eels, sea anemones, sea urchins, bonito, skate, salmon, turtles, turbot, sardines, dogfish; pork cutlets with stewed onions, young goat, shoulder of mutton with capers, pigs' and calves' fry, smoked ox tongue, cold roast loin of veal sprinkled with zinziberine powder (mustard and ginger); cabbage with beef marrow, artichokes, spinach, rice, salads, purée of peas, salted broad beans; almond butter, raised meat pies, puff-pastry cakes; lark pates, chamois, capons, quinces, bacon rashers, or venison; poupelins (pastry cakes filled with whipped cream, etc.), tarts, wafers, curds, pancakes, jonchées (fresh sheeps'- or goats'-milk cheeses), neige de beurre (shallots and vinegar, or Muscadet, whipped up with butter), figs, pistachio nuts, Corbeil peaches, grapes, prunes, white bread, soft bread, bourgeois bread, wheaten bread; eggs fried, lost, suffocated, boiled, dragged over the coals, thrown into the chimney, smeared with something or other, etc."

From Book IV of ‘Pantagruel’ (chapters LIX and LX),  French writer Francois Rabelais (1483-1553)


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