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Sin & Food Quotes

“What I go for in my cooking is sinful, bold and real.”
Emeril Lagasse, celebrity chef, restaurateur.


“Govern well thy appetite, lest Sin
Surprise thee, and her black attendant Death.”
John Milton, (1608-1674) 'Paradise Lost'


“....the renowned fish called the pompano, delicious as the less criminal forms of sin.”
Mark Twain (1884)


“The frying-pan has awful sins to answer for. What untold horrors of dyspepsia have arisen from its smoky depths, like the ghosts from witches' caldrons!”
Christopher Crowfield (Harriet Beecher Stowe)
'House and Home Papers' (1865)


“No wonder Tom grows fat, th' unweildy Sinner,
Makes his whole Life but one continual Dinner.”
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
Poor Richard's Almanac


“The casuists have classed gluttony as one of the seven deadly sins, but if it is not tainted by the vice of drinking to inebriation or eating to excess, it deserves to be on a par with the theological virtues.”
Lucien Tendret (French lawyer and gastronome; great-nephew of Brillat-Savarin) (1825-1896)


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