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Fish as a percentage of total protein intake:

    Asia:  26.2 percent
    Africa:  17.4 percent
    Europe:  9.2 percent
    Former USSR:  9.0 percent
    Oceania:  8.8 percent
    North & Central America:  7.4 percent
    South America:  7.2 percent
    UN FAO (United Nations Food & Agricultural Organization) 2005

U.S. per capita Fish Consumption in 2005 was 16.2 pounds.

Fish consumption in China is more than 3 times what it is in the United States. In China, the average person eats over 45 pounds of seafood each year.

Per capita consumption of the most popular seafood in the U.S.

(2004 National Marine Fisheries Service, U.S. Dept of Commerce):

    Shrimp: 4.2 pounds
    Canned Tuna: 3.3 pounds
    Salmon: 2.2 pounds
    Pollock: 1.3 pounds
    Catfish: 1.1 pounds
    Tilapia: 0.7 pounds
    Crab: 0.6 pounds
    Codfish: 0.6 pounds
    Clams: 0.5 pounds
    Flatfish: 0.3 pounds

Top 5 seafood producing countries, including both wild and aquaculture. (2002, NOAA Fisheries)

     27,767,251 Aquaculture (metric tons)
     16,553,144 Wild (metric tons)
     44,320,395 Total (metric tons)
     8,440     Aquaculture (metric tons)
     8,766,991 Wild (metric tons)
     8,775,431 Total (metric tons)

     2,191,704 Aquaculture (metric tons)
     3,770,912 Wild (metric tons)
     5,962,616 Total (metric tons)
    United States
     497,346   Aquaculture (metric tons)
     4,937,305 Wild (metric tons)
     5,434,651 Total (metric tons)
     914,066   Aquaculture (metric tons)
     4,505,474 Wild (metric tons)
     5,419,540 Total (metric tons)

Paris, Tennessee is home to an event that claims to be the "world's biggest fish fry." Hungry visitors will consume about 12,500 pounds of catfish during the festivities, which last for six days. The event began in 1953 and includes parades, square dances, an auto show, and, if you're lucky, a catfish race! The 'World's Biggest Fish Fry' is held the Last Full Week of April every year!

Rabbit was a favorite of of French monks, because they considered them fish and could eat them when abstinence from meat was called for.



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