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Tofu Quotes

“Run, they're handing out tofu again!”

Panic scream of child trick-or treating on Halloween  ‘America's Food’ by Harvey Blatt (2008)


"the most usual, common, and cheap sort of Food all China abounds in, and which all in that Empire eat, from the Emperor to the meanest Chinese; the Emperor and great Men as a Dainty, the common sort as necessary sustenance. It is called Teu Fu, that is Paste of Kidney Beans. I did not see how they made it. They drew the Milk out of the Kidney Beans, and turning it, make great Cakes of it like Cheeses, as big as a large Sive, and five or six fingers thick. All the Mass is as white as the very Snow, to look to nothing can be finer....Alone, it is insipid, but very good dress'd as I say and excellent fry'd in Butter."

Friar Domingo Navarrete, 17th century


"The method of making doufu dates back to Liu An (179-122B.C.), the Prince of Huainan. It is made of soya beans, either the black or the yellow variety."

Ancient Chinese work on medicinal herbs


“Around every corner lurk greasy Fisherman's Platters that give children nightmares, Naugahyde minute steaks that put tofuburgers in a favorable light and all those ubiquitous fast-food indigestion huts.”

Bryan Miller, Former New York Times restaurant critic


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