Quotations, sayings and aphorisms about food and beverages, eating and drinking, food appreciation, restaurants, chefs, cooks, food critics, etc.

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Modern Food & Inventions Quotes

"Cut round on the top near to the outer edge with a chisel and hammer."

Directions on a can of roast veal (1824)


“Merely to please the eye by such fanciful and elaborate decorations as distinguish many modern dinners, or to flatter the palate by the production of new and enticing dainties, ought not to be the principal aim, at least, of any work on cookery.”

Eliza Acton, ‘Modern Cookery for Private Families’ (1845)


“High-tech tomatoes. Mysterious milk. Supersquash. Are we supposed to eat this stuff? Or is it going to eat us?”

Annita Manning


Cookery is as old as the world, but it must also remain, always, as modern as fashion.”

Phileas Gilbert (1857-1942)


“It was my Uncle George who discovered that alcohol was a food well in advance of modern medical thought.”

P. G. Wodehouse (1881-1975) ‘The Inimitable Jeeves’



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