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Chuck Hayes: Introduction


There are only two types of food.  Yes, ONLY two.  Good and bad.  Same thing with music, but back to food.  Either you like it or you don’t.  It can taste like cardboard while you stuff it down during a 10 minute break at work.  Or, you can savor it over a couple of hours at a fine restaurant.  Good food can be stuffed---if you are hungry enough.  And bad food can be savored---if you are hungry enough.  Yes, ONLY two.

If you haven’t guessed by now I think about food A LOT.  Not the normal kind of “I’m hungry so I think that I’ll grab a Twinkie” kind of hungry.  But the “Fatal Attraction” rabbit in the pot A LOT.

My Grandpa’s roast leg of lamb covered with salt and pepper and cloves of garlic pushed down into slits cut into the meat was a thing of beauty.  This was served with either mint jelly; sweet and savory at the same time, or mint sauce—briney/sweet/minty=GOOD.  On the other side of the pendulum was boiled spinach served during lunch time at the four year old day care I attended (smelled like wet dog, and tasted like gym socks)=BAD.  I still remember all of it.  Good and bad thirty five years later of a thirty nine year old life.

In this space I plan on doing a few things.  I want to draw you into my world of Good and Bad--  Food that is.  We will discuss food trends, recipes, family, God, cooking techniques, childhood memories, and kitchen equipment among various other topics.

Welcome to Newborn, Georgia.  The melting pot of the world.

Questions/comments/rants/raves can be sent to me at:

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