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3 Young Chefs at Cooking School

3 Young Chefs

Culinary Arts and
Cooking Schools

From Amateur & Basic Cooking Classes to Professional Chef Training and Degree Programs - you will find them all here!


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------------------THE FOOD REFERENCE NEWSLETTER-----------------
September 22, 2006     Vol 7 #12   ISSN 1535-5659
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--------------------------WEBSITE NEWS--------------------------

4 new interviews in the new INTERVIEWS section.
If you were stranded on a desert island for a year surviving on coconuts and seaweed, what would be the first meal you would like to eat after you were rescued?

New Online store with checkout on
Books, DVDs, Gourmet Food, Kitchen & Housewares.

And of course many new Recipes, Quotes and Articles, etc.

----------------'FOOD FOR THOUGHT' BY MARK VOGEL----------------

'Using Your Noodle'
Pasta is the culinary jack-of-all-trades. With all the different varieties and the virtually infinite number of sauces that can be made, it’s one of the most.....

--------------------$25,000 RECIPE CONTEST----------------------
Submit recipe & brief essay (200 words or less) telling how you use Lawry’s Seasoned Salt to create in one of your traditional family recipes. Recipes must use Lawry's Seasoned Salt.
$25,000 Grand Prize, Ten $1,000 Second Place Prizes.
Deadline is September 30, 2006


"To remember a successful salad is generally to remember a successful dinner; at all events, the perfect dinner necessarily includes the perfect salad."
George Ellwanger (1848-1906) Pleasures of the Table (1902)

-------------------FOOD ART & CULINARY POSTERS------------------

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Two peanut farmers have been elected President of the United States: Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter.

------------------------FOOD TRIVIA QUIZ------------------------
The Food Trivia Quizzes are now moved to their own separate section after the newsletter is e-mailed. Check the Navigation Bar at the top of the page.

---------------CULINARY SCHOOLS, TOURS AND CRUISES--------------

Culinary Schools & Cooking Classes - Food and Wine Tours for the amateur & the professional. U.S. and abroad.
The best of the best.

---------------FREE TRIAL ISSUE OF SAVEUR MAGAZINE--------------
Food Reference subscribers can get a FREE trial issue to Saveur magazine - the award winning magazine that celebrates the people, places and rituals that establish culinary traditions.

------------------------READERS QUESTIONS-----------------------

QUESTION: I have a question, is chocolate liquor considered alcohol or not.  Amal.

ANSWER: The word "liquor" has 2 meanings - one related to alcohol, the other not. 
1) an alcoholic beverage made by distillation.
2) A liquid produced in cooking or related to food products.
• Oyster liquor is the liquid found in an oyster.  It does not contain alcohol.
• Pot liquor is the liquid left in a pan after cooking foods.  It does not contain alcohol.
• Chocolate liquor is a chocolate manufacturing term and refers to the paste made by grinding the kernels of fermented and roasted cocoa beans.  It does not contain alcohol.


One acre of peanuts will make 30,000 peanut butter sandwiches.

--------------------------FRESH FLOWERS-------------------------

Fresh Flowers Directly from the Growers

--------------------ANCIENT & CLASSIC RECIPES-------------------

By Mrs. Glasse (1805 American Edition)

To Make A Pound Cake

Take a pound of butter, beat it in an earthern pan with your hand one way, till it is like a fine thick cream: then have ready twelve eggs, but half the whites; beat them well, and beat them up with the butter, a pound of flour beat in it, a pound of sugar, and a few carraways. Beat it all well together for an hour with your hand, or a great wooden spoon, butter a pan and put it in, and then bake it an our in a quick oven.
   For change you may put in a pound of currants, clean washed and picked.


"Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese; Garlic makes it good."
Alice May Brock (of Alice's Restaurant fame)

-----------------CATALOGS - CATALOGS - CATALOGS-----------------

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--------------------------DID YOU KNOW?-------------------------

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 317,000 Chefs and Head Cooks and 183,000 Bakers working in the United States in 2006.

-----------------WHO'S WHO IN THE CULINARY ARTS-----------------

Prosper Montagné (November 14, 1865 - April 22, 1948)
   One of the great French chefs of all time, he is primarily remembered as the creator of Larousse Gastronomique (1938), a comprehensive encyclopedia of French gastronomy.
   He was the son of a hotelier, and worked in many of the most famous kitchens in Europe. He organized the kitchens of the Allied armies during World War I, and with others such as Phileas Gilbert and Escoffier, helped reform French cuisine - simplifying food decorations, organizing the kitchen more efficiently, shortening menus, etc.

---------------CULINARY SCHOOLS, TOURS AND CRUISES--------------

Culinary Schools & Cooking Classes - Food and Wine Tours for the amateur & the professional. U.S. and abroad.
The best of the best.


"Too many cooks may spoil the broth, but it only takes one to burn it."
Madeleine Bingham, The Bad Cook's Guide

------------------RECIPE REQUESTS FROM READERS------------------

What ever happened to chocolate snap cookies?  Are they still made?  Where are they sold?  Is there a recipe out there for this old time classic??  thank you L.

Nabisco no longer makes them, but several smaller companies make them.  Ask if your local supermarket can order them.

Chocolate Snaps (Yield: 72 Servings)
2 c  sugar
1 c  brown sugar
1 1/2 c  butter
2 tsp vanilla
3 eggs
6 oz unsweetened baking chocolate, melted and cooled
4 c  flour
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
sugar for rolling
Cream butter and sugars, add egg, vanilla and chocolate. Mix in dry ingredients and refrigerate overnight. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Roll dough into balls and roll in sugar. Bake for 10 minutes.

 Email your recipe requests, food info or history
 questions to me at [email protected]

--------------------FOOD ART AND FOOD POSTERS-------------------

The finest selection of food and beverage related posters and art work to be found anywhere. There are thousands of posters - food art, restaurant art, kitchen art, culinary art - food posters, culinary posters, food identification posters, fine art, etc, all suitable for your home, kitchen, restaurant or office.

--------------------------COOKING TIPS--------------------------

When baking tomatoes, whole or stuffed, use a muffin tin liberally coated with oil pan spray. The tomatoes will sit straight and hold their shape.


1869 Mary Mallon was born. 'Typhoid Mary' was an infamous household cook who was responsible for major outbreaks of typhoid in the New York City area in 1904, 1907, and 1914. She was immune to typhoid herself, but was a carrier of the bacillus, and spread it wherever she worked as a household cook.

1944 Rosa Lee Hawkins of the vocal group 'The Dixie Cups' was born.

1974 It is first reported that freon from aerosol cans is destroying the ozone layer above the earth.

1774 John Chapman, Johnny Appleseed was born. American pioneer and legend, he planted apple seeds in the Ohio River valley area (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois).

1892 The Diamond Match Company patented book matches.

St. Wenceslaus' Day, patron of brewers.

1974 The TV show 'Alice' debuted. Most of the action took place in Mel’s Diner.

For a complete listing of each day's events, go here:

----------------FOOD & WINE MAGAZINES & CATALOGS----------------
Hundreds of Food, Recipe, Wine and Beer Magazines at great discount prices.  Also Health & Fitness, Home & Gardening, Hunting & Fishing, Environmental, Travel, Nature, Recreation etc. Magazines - and more!


A handful of 11,400 year old dried figs have whetted the appetites of anthropologists. The figs, found in the abandoned village of Gilgal 1 in the Lower Jordan Valley in Israel, appear to be the first domesticated plants. Researchers from Harvard University and Bar-Ilan University in Israel say the figs came from an unusual variety of tree whose fruit grows sweet and soft - but happens to be sterile. Thus the people of Gilgal must have learned to cultivate new trees by planting shoots.
Smithsonian (8/2006)


"Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie."
Jim Davis, 'Garfield'

You can vote once each day. Your votes are appreciated.

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