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3 Young Chefs at Cooking School

3 Young Chefs

Culinary Arts and Cooking Schools
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There is a link to the answers at end of each quiz


1) What vegetable of the marrow family takes its name from a medieval French word meaning "cooked by the sun."

2) Which state has the turkey as its state bird, and has the largest per acre population of wild turkeys?
a) Minnesota
b) Wisconsin
c) New York
d) Alabama
c) Colorado

3) In April, 2001, Italian astronaut Umberto Guidoni and Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield brought some luxury food items with them to the International Space Station.
Can you name these luxury foods?

4) This product was invented around 1910 by Swiss chemist Jacques Brandenberger. It is derived from wood pulp, and various types are widely used for breads, meat, produce, etc. 
Name this product.

5) Why should you be very careful about drinking grapefruit juice when taking many prescription medications?

6) This tree, native to tropical Africa, is one of the largest in the world.  Slow growing, it grows to a height of 25 to 40 feet, and 1,000 year old trees may have a 30 foot diameter trunk, with roots reaching out more than 100 feet, with foliage reaching 150 feet in diameter. The fruit of this tree may be eaten as is, or the flesh dried and ground into flour.
Name this tree and its fruit.

7) What is the name of the small, sweet yeast buns with raisins or candied fruit, that are traditionally served in England on Good Friday?

8) Pick it, wash it, hollow it out, fill it with cream or milk and bake it whole.
What is it, and what pie evolved from this recipe?

9) The jack-o-lantern, or carved pumpkin was originally made from what vegetable?




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