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3 Young Chefs

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Food History, Trivia, Quotes, Humor, Poetry, Recipes
March 27, 2002     Vol 3 #11   ISSN 1535-5659
James T. Ehler, Editor, [email protected]
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Pangium edule is a tall tree in Southeast Asia that produces a
fruit the size and shape of a football. Hence one of its names,
football fruit, also known as pangi, kepayang and pakem.  Its
taste and odor have been compared to durian fruit. The seeds,
bark and leaves are poisonous. The seeds are used to kill rats
and wild chickens, and the bark and leaves are used to stun
fish so they can be scooped up easily.

"Garlick maketh a man wynke, drynke, and stynke."
Thomas Nash (16th Century poet)

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QUESTION: When and how much was the first tv dinner? Tj

ANSWER: In 1954 C.A. Swanson & Sons  introduced the first TV
dinner, it was roast turkey with stuffing and gravy, sweet
potatoes and peas. It sold for 98 cents and came in an aluminum
tray, so you could just open the box and heat the dinner in
the oven. (No microwave ovens back then).  Supposedly Gerald
Thomas came up with the idea when the company had tons of
leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. The idea for the aluminum
trays came from the food trays used by airlines. They were an
immediate success, and Turkey dinners are still the most
popular Swanson frozen dinner. Swanson stopped calling them
TV dinners in 1962.

"The cook is no less than an artist, and even if he may not be
on the level of Polygnotus and Phidias, he has his part and
his place in civilization as a whole."
Lucien Tendret, French lawyer and gastronome (1825-1896)

Using a garlic press or crushing garlic cloves gives a stronger
flavor than if it is finely minced with a knife.  This is only
noticeable when using the garlic raw.

The Inglenook Cook Book (1906)
Sister Nancy Hanawalt, McVeytown, Pa.


Dissolve 1/3 cake of compound yeast in a little warm water.
Take 1 quart of fresh milk and add to 1 tablespoonful of sugar
and the dissolved yeast. Put the mixture in beer bottles with
patent stoppers. Fill to the neck and let them stand for 12 -
hours at a temperature of 68 or 70 degrees, then put the
bottles on the ice upside down till wanted.

"Never eat more than you can lift."
Miss Piggy, American Puppet Character (1990s)

Lamb's Wool was a drink popular from the 16th to the 19th
century in England. It was made with hot beer, sweetened and
spiced with soft, baked apple pulp added.

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(Check the website daily for additional calendar entries)

1858 First pencil with the eraser top patented by Hyman Lipman.

Fresh Florida Tomato Month
National Pecan Month
National Lawn and Garden Month
National Poetry Month
Straw Hat Month
National Humor Month


1877 First White House Easter Egg Roll
"To eat is human. To digest divine."
Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) (1835-1910)

Americans ate over 65 quarts of popcorn per person last year.

In Greek mythology, Demeter is the goddess of agriculture,
grain and the harvest. She is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea,
the sister and consort of Zeus, and her daughter was Persephone.

This weeks recipe is long, so I have put it on the website, and
here is a link to it:

This is a great recipe for Amaranth and Flax Seed Bread,
generously sent in by Ernest L. Rhamstine, a lifetime member
of the website. It has evolved over about 20 years [He started
baking bread in 1955 at a German deli in Pa.]

 Email your recipes, recipe requests, food info or history
 questions to me at [email protected]
"Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act
that should not be indulged in lightly."
M. F. K. Fisher (1908-1992), 'An Alphabet for Gourmets'

Spam was developed by George A. Hormel & Co. and first
marketed in 1937.


"My mother's menu consisted of two choices: Take it or leave it."
Buddy Hackett, comedian

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Kellogg's Sugar Smacks, introduced in 1953, were 56% sugar.

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 Food Reference WebSite at

"The fine arts are five in number, namely: painting, sculpture,
poetry, music, and architecture, the principal branch of the
latter being pastry."
Antonin Careme (Marie-Antoine Careme) (1783-1833)

The official state cookie of Massachusetts is the chocolate
chip cookie, invented in 1930 at the Toll House Restaurant.

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