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The Newsletter
ISSN 1535-5659
Sponsored by Blue Heaven Restaurant, Key West Florida
Food History, Trivia, Quotes, Humor, Poetry, Recipes
Vol 2 # 9 March 11, 2001
Blue Heaven Website:

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Robert Cobb, owner of Hollywood's Brown Derby restaurant, created the Cobb salad in 1936. One evening he went to the icebox and found an avocado, which he chopped with lettuce, celery, tomatoes, and strips of bacon. Later he embellished it with breast of chicken, chives, hard-boiled egg, watercress, a wedge of Roquefort cheese and a vinaigrette dressing.

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"Happy is said to be the family which can eat onions together. They are, for the time being, separate, from the world, and have a harmony of aspiration."
Charles Dudley Warner, 'My Summer in a Garden' (1871)

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David at HUB-UK is also publishing some of my articles and recipes on his site. Please check out this site with Recipes and Great Food Ideas!

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"NASTURTIUM SALAD - Put a plate of flowers of the Nasturtium in a salad bowl, with a tablespoonful of chopped chervil; sprinkle over with your fingers half a teaspoonful of salt, two or three tablespoonsful of olive oil, and the juice of a lemon; turn the salad in the bowl with a spoon and a fork until well mixed, and serve."
Turabi efendi, Turkish cookery book, 1864.

NULLE (A custard flavored with musk or amber). From La Varenne's 'Le Pâtissier français'(1653).

"Take 4 or 5 egg yolks, some very fresh cream, a quantity of sugar, a grain of salt; beat all this well together and cook in a deep plate or a flat dish; brown the top with a salamander, sprinkle with perfumed water, and serve with musk-flavored sugar to sweeten."

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"Talk of joy: there may be things better than beef stew and baked potatoes and home-made bread --- there may be."
David Grayson, 'Adventures in Contentment' (1907)

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President Grove Cleveland once noticed the smell of corned beef and cabbage coming from the servants quarters at the White House. He asked to trade his dinner for that of the servants. He commented that this New England Boiled dinner was "the best dinner I had had for months.....this Boeuf corne ay cabeau!"

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*March 12 to 17 Turkey Vultures Annual Return to Canisteo Valley, New York
*March 12
-1912 Juliet Low founded the Girl Scouts of the USA at Savannah, GA.
-1888 Great Blizzard of NE U.S. 50 inches of snow, 40 foot drifts.
--Birthdays: Jack Kerouac (1922)

*March 13 to 15 Cheltenham Hunt Festival (The Olympics of steeplechasing)
*March 13
-1887 Chester Greenwood of Maine patented earmuffs.
-1781 Sir William Herschel discovered 7th planet, Uranus.
--Birthdays: Lorenzo Delmonico (1813) (Delmonico's Restaurant).

*March 14
-1950 FBI's 10 Most Wanted List debuts.
--Birthdays: Lucy Hobbs Beaman (1833) First woman to get a Degree in Dentistry (she also taught her husband to be a dentist); Albert Einstein (1879); Casey Jones (1864)

*March 15 The Ides of March

*March 16 to 25 - 19th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival (Macon, Georgia).
*March 16
-1957 The Gumby Show premieres on TV.
-1827 First Black Newspaper founded (Freedom's Journal, New York).

*March 17 Saint Patrick's Day
-Save the Florida Panther Day
-1910 Camp Fire Boys and Girls founded.
--Birthdays: Rudolf Nureyev (1938).

*March 18 to 24 National Agriculture Week (
*March 18
-1931 First Electric Razor marketed by Schick.
--Birthdays: Grover Cleveland (1837).

(c) 2001 Chases Calendar of Events)

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Email your recipe requests, food info or history questions to me at [email protected]

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Thursday, March 8, 2001 Publication: Key West Daily Citizen

Blue Heaven's 'old girl' may be cruising to Belize
By LINDA GOTTWALD Citizen Staff Writer

Agnes, the fiberglass granny who greeted customers outside Blue Heaven restaurant until she disappeared last week, may be facing a fate worse than death -- or having the cruise of her life.
An unconfirmed report has her heading for Belize aboard the H.M.S. Sheffield, along with hundreds of British sailors.
"I'm truly worried about the old girl," restaurant owner Richard Hatch said Wednesday. "She's the only woman on board with hundreds of Brits -- anything could happen."
A retired British seaman told a bartender at the Bahama Village restaurant he saw several drunken sailors snatch Agnes from behind the restaurant and smuggle her aboard the ship.
Artist Dwight Kalb, who created Agnes after a real-life friend who modeled for him in his Chicago studio years ago, said he fears the worst.
"She was probably the most-photographed woman in Key West," Kalb said. "They'll probably throw her overboard rather than be caught with her.
"Although fiberglass floats, she does have a few cracks in her that may sink her."
Kalb added, however, that should Agnes end up at the bottom of the ocean, 32 fiberglass molds of her are scattered about the country.
Meanwhile, Agnes' absence has taken its toll on Blue Heaven employees.
"Not only do we miss her greeting us every morning," one employee said. "But she directed customers to the proper entrance. I wish the old girl would come back."

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Nostradamus may be best known for his prophecies, but he also wrote a cookbook 'Excellent er Moult Utile Opuscule à tous nécessaire qui désirent avoir connaissance de plusieurs exquises recettes' (An Excellent and Most Useful Little Work,
essential to all who wish to become acquainted with some exquisite recipes). It was published in the same year, 1555, that his prophecies were published.

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Oat flour is used in peanut butter, margarine and chocolate because it retards rancidity. It is used in ice cream and other dairy products as a fat stabilizer. So have some chocolate peanut butter ice cream and stay healthy!

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"The whole Mediterranean ... the wine, the ideas ... seems to ride in the sour pungent taste of those black olives ... A taste older than meat, older than wine. A taste as old as cold water."
Lawrence Durrell

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Jacques Lemaire, who makes and sells Mandala jewelry in the outdoor garden at Blue Heaven Restaurant in Key West has returned from Maine, and will be here again for the winter. Check out his unique handmade items at Blue Heaven Restaurant or on his WebSite

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"Never eat at a place called 'Moms', but if the only other place in town has a sign that says 'Eats', go back to Moms."
W. C. Fields (1920s)
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The Pillsbury Company has had a trademark on the phrase "bake-off" since 1949. In high-tech circles, like Columbia University and Sun Microsystems, they have been using the term 'bake-off' to refer to events where software engineers test their programs against each other to check for compatibility, bugs, efficiency, etc. Well guess who is taking legal action against them for trademark infringement!! Do they really think someone might confuse software with cakes? Since computer programmers are notorious snack food eaters, they are calling for a boycott of Pillsbury brands Haagen-Dazs ice cream, Toaster Strudel, Jeno's and Totino's frozen pizzas.

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