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Food Reference & Blue Heaven Newsletter Vol 2 # 7 February 25, 2001
Food Facts, Trivia, History, Recipes, Key West & Blue Heaven News
Food Reference Website:
Blue Heaven Website:
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Today's aluminum can weighs less than 1/2 ounce and is thinner than
2 pages of a glossy magazine page, and withstands more than 90 pounds
of pressure per square inch - 3 times the pressure of an automobile tire!

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David at HUB-UK is also publishing some of my articles and recipes on
his site. Please check out this site with Recipes and Great Food Ideas!

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Robert Bryant who works at the award-winning East Coast Grill in
Cambridge, Mass. paid us a visit at Blue Heaven while he was in Key
West last week. Chris Schlesinger is chef/owner of the Grill and sent
down an autographed copy of his latest book (with co-author John
Willoughby) HOW TO COOK MEAT. This book is a must have for
anyone who loves meat, with hundreds of recipes, with just about every
cut of meat and type of cuisine included. Advice on buying meat, how to
talk to butchers, etc. etc. Chris and ‘Doc' Willoughby know what they
are talking about, with 5 other cookbooks between them, and for the past
6 years have been writing a monthly feature in the NYTimes. ‘Doc'
Willoughby is senior editor of Cook's Illustrated, and Chris Schlesinger is
a James Beard Award winning chef. BUY THIS BOOK!!!
(Chris and Robert - thank you for the book, it is the best meat cookery
book I have ever come across - I will be cooking from it tonight.)

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"Enchant, stay beautiful and graceful, but do this, eat well. Bring the
same consideration to the preparation of your food as you devote to your
appearance. Let your dinner be a poem, like your dress."
Charles Pierre Monselet (1825-1888)
French journalist and author "Letters to Emily"

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The Food Trivia Quizzes are now moved to their own separate section after the newsletter is e-mailed. Check the Navigation Bar at the top of the page.

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305-296-8666 or EMAIL TO [email protected]
I have posted a picture of Miss Agnes on the Blue Heaven home page

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Those who make light of and disparage the value of the British
contribution to cooking would do well to remember Dover sole, York
ham, Finnan haddock, smoked Scottish salmon, Stilton, Cheddar,
Caerphilly and numerous other cheeses, Dundee marmalade, Earl Grey
tea, Worcestershire sauce, chutneys, Cumberland sauce, Mulligatawny,
triffles and fools, numerous puddings, Cornish Pasties, Hot Cross Buns,
Chelsea Buns, crumpets, scones, cockaleekie, and don't forget single malt
whisky, and British ales and stouts. Consider a world without them!!!

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< ><><><>
February 25 - 27 Shrovetide - Carnival - Fasching
February 25 - March 3 - National Pancake Week
February 25
* Cassius Clay (22) becomes Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Birthdays: George Harrison (1943); Enrico Caruso(1873);
Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841)

February 26 - March 26 - America's Cup Race, Auckland, N.Z.
February 26
* Cyprus - Green Monday: eat bread, olives and raw vegetables.
* Iceland - Bun Day: Children invade homes in the morning with colorful
sticks and receive gifts of whipped cream buns.
Birthdays: Fats Domino (1928); Johnny Cash (1932);
Levi Strauss (1829); Victor Hugo (1802);
Buffalo Bill Cody (1846)

February 27
* Fat Tuesday - Shrove Tuesday - Mardi Gras
* Spay Day USA (for pets only)
* Paczki Day (round, sugar-coated fruit-filled Polish pastries)
* Iceland - Bursting Day - Feast on salted mutton and thick pea soup!
* International Pancake Day (
Birthdays: Ralph Nader (1934); Elizabeth Taylor (1932);
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807)

February 28
* Ash Wednesday - Lent Begins
Birthdays: Mario Andretti (1940); Michel de Montaigne (1533)

March is: National Frozen Food Month; National Nutrition Month;
National Umbrella Month
March 1-11 Florida Strawberry Festival (
March 1
* Wales: Saint David's Day - Tradition calls for wearing a leek today.
* National Pig Day
* Iceland Beer Day (in 1989 a 75-year long prohibition of beer was
* 1493 Martin Pinzon, shipbuilder, navigator and co-owner of the Nina
and the Pinta, beats Columbus back to Spain to announce the
discovery of the New World.
Birthdays: Ron Howard (1954); Roger Daltrey (1944);
Glenn Miller (1904)

March 2 - 11 - Bike Week in Daytona Beach
March 2 - 11 - Carnaval Miami - largest block party in the world.
March 2
* Highway numbers introduced by state & federal officials.
Birthdays: Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) (1904); Eddie Money (1949);
Tom Wolfe (1931)

March 3
* Southeast Florida Scottish Festival and Games, Ft. Lauderdale.
* Florida became the 27th state in 1845.
* National Anthem made official in 1931 - 70th Anniversary
* Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race begins (
Birthdays: Alexander Graham Bell (1847)

March 4 - 10 - National Professional Pet Sitters Week
March 4
* First meeting of Congress in 1789.
Birthdays: Mariam Makeba (1932); Knute Rockne (1888)

(c) 2001 Chases Calendar of Events)
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Orange Fritters (Sister Annie Sell, McKee Gap, Pa)
Peel and quarter the oranges, remove the seeds ad all the extra outside
skin. Make a batter of 2 eggs, 1 teaspoonful of olive oil, 1 teaspoonful
sugar, 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of cold water, or sufficient to make a
thin batter. Roll the quartered oranges in powdered sugar, dip them
immediately into the batter and fry in hot lard.

Email your recipe requests, food info or history questions to me at
[email protected]

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"Aioli (garlic mayonnaise) epitomizes the heat, the power, and the joy of
the Provençal sun, but it has another virtue - it drives away flies."
Frédéric Mistral (1891) Nobel Prize winning French writer.

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Check out Conch Republic Concierge for all your needs before, and
during your visit to Key West. We have some amazing rates for private
homes, yacht live-aboards, cottages and suites this season! We accept
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Carte Blanche, JCB,
and Checks.

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Red, black yellow, white, purple - these were the colors that carrots
started out with. Everything but orange. Carrots were first cultivated in
Afghanistan in the 7th century, and they started with yellow flesh and a
purple exterior. It was the Dutch who developed the orange carrot, and
the French in the 17th who most likely developed the elongated carrot,
ancestor of the ones we eat today. The English brought the carrot to the
New World.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< ><><><>
Licorice root contains a substance called glycyrrhizin that is 50 times
sweeter than ordinary sugar. Spain is the largest producer of licorice.

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"Our breakfast was admirable, excellent coffee with delicious cream, and
that capital, national dish of South Carolina, snow-white homminy
brought hot to table like maccaroni, which ought always to be eaten, with
lumps of sweet fresh butter buried in it! This is certainly one of the best
things imaginable to begin the day liberally with."
G.W. Featherstonhaugh, an Englishman traveling in the South in 1837.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< ><><><>
Jacques Lemaire, who makes and sells Mandala jewelry in the outdoor
garden at Blue Heaven Restaurant in Key West has returned from Maine,
and will be here again for the winter. Check out his unique handmade
items at Blue Heaven Restaurant or on his WebSite

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"What use are cartridges in battle? I always carry chocolate instead."
George Bernard Shaw, 1894

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< ><><><>
In the jargon of the lunch counter and diner, "cremate a blue, bikini cut",
is a well done, toasted blueberry muffin cut in 4 pieces.

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Mangos have been cultivated in India for about 5,000 years, and were
originally small, fibrous fruits, somewhat like plums, with a taste like
turpentine. There are now over 500 varieties grown there.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< ><><><>
Wash and Wear Keyboards
Elektro Textiles, a British company will soon be selling flexible
keyboards made of a new fabric called Elektex. They can be thrown in
the washing machine, great for those of us who snack while working at
the computer.

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James T. Ehler (webmaster, cook, chef, writer) [email protected]
Food Reference WebSite:
Blue Heaven Restaurant; Key West, Florida

© copyright James T. Ehler, 2000, 2001
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