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3 Young Chefs at Cooking School

3 Young Chefs

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Food History, Trivia, Quotes, Humor, Poetry, Recipes
October 22, 2001   Vol 2 # 41   ISSN 1535-5659
James T. Ehler, Editor, [email protected]
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each day on the website, along with a Daily Culinary Quote,
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"Cook-books have always intrigued and seduced me. When I was
still a dilettante in the kitchen they held my attention, even
the dull ones, from cover to cover, the way crime and murder
stories did."   Gertrude Stein

Tea bags were invented in 1904 by Thomas Sullivan of New York
City, first used them to send samples to his customers instead
of sealing it in more expensive tins.

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Student Competition "Fouet D’or" at Instituto Culinario
Internacional in Toluca Estado De Mexico, Mexico on April 20
and 21, 2002.  All culinary schools are invited to participate

Culinary schools, educators and students - send me information
on your culinary competitions and I will add them to the
website and mention them in this newsletter.
[email protected]

"I have fed purely upon ale; I have eat my ale, drank my ale,
and I always sleep upon ale."    George Farquhar   (1678-1707)

Sugar coated cereals contain almost 2 tablespoons of sugar
per cup. A can of cola has over 3 tablespoons.


The Inglenook Cook Book:
Sisters of the Brethren Church (1906)

Break 3 ounces (about a teacupful) of macaroni into 2-inch
pieces; throw it into boiling water, and boil rapidly for 2
minutes.  Drain and throw into cold water for a few moments to
blanch. Use 25 oysters.  Put a layer of macaroni in the baking
dish, then a layer of oysters with a dusting of salt and pepper
and a few bits of butter, then another layer of macaroni and
oysters, and so on until you have the dish full. Pour over the
top 1/2 pint of cream or milk. Cover with bread crumbs and bake
in a moderately quick oven for 1/2 hour.

Sister J. T. Meyers, Oaks, Pa.

"No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a
cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past,
the advice and menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook
writers."Laurie Colwin

The pond lily was used by native Americans and early settlers
as food, the seeds, flowers and roots are edible. John Josselyn,
a 17th century naturalist described its taste as "the flavor
of Sheep's liver:"

Don’t for get to check David Jenkins,
he features some of my articles and recipes in addition to some
GREAT content from chefs around the world.

Swallows depart from San Juan Capistrano
1752 Nicolas Appert, father of canning
1906 Gertrude Ederle, first women to swim the English Channel

1945 United Nations founded; United Nations Day
1830 Belva A. Bennett Lockwood, first women to practice before
     the U.S. Supreme Court

Saint Crispin's Day
1972 First women FBI agents; Susan L. Roley & Joanne E. Pierce
1400 Geoffrey Chaucer died (Canterbury Tales)
1881 Pablo Ruiz Picasso, artist

OCTOBER 25 - 27
Great Pumpkin Carve, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Mule Day, in 1785 1st Spanish jacks imported to U.S.
Ugly Pickup Truck Parade & Contest, Chadron, Nebraska
1947 Hillary Rodham Clinton
1803 Joseph Hansom, inventor of the 'Hansom Cab'
Sorghum Day Festival, Wewoka, Oklahoma
Hogeye Festival with Cow Patty Bingo, Elgin, Texas
Wild Foods Day, Pikeville, Tennessee
Navy Day
Make A Difference Day
Emma Crawford Festival & Memorial Coffin Race, Manitou Spngs, CO
1914 Dylan Marlais Thomas, Welsh poet and playwright
1858 Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of U.S.
1782 Nicolo Paganini, violin virtuoso

Saint Jude's Day, patron saint of hopeless causes
Mother-in-Law Day
Daylight Savings Time Ends at 2 a.m.
1846 Donner party leaves Springfield, Illinois for California
1886 Statue of Liberty dedicated
1636 Harvard University founded
1846 Georges Auguste Escoffier, 'king of chefs, chef of kings' 
1467 Desiderius Erasmus, Dutch author and scholar
1955 Bill Gates, of Microsoft

1969 First connection on what would become the internet was made
     between UCLA and Stanford Research Institute
1740 James Boswell, Scottish biographer

From 'Popular Rhymes and Superstitions,'
James Orchard Halliwell, English scholar (1820-1889)
"On St. Luke's Day, says Mother Bunch, take marigold flowers, a
sprig of marjoram, thyme, and a little wormwood; dry them before
a fire, rub them to powder, then sift it through a fine piece
of lawn, and simmer it over a slow fire, adding a small quantity
of virgin honey and vinegar. Anoint yourself with this when you
go to bed, saying the following lines three times, and you will
dream of your future partner that is to be:
'St. Luke, St. Luke, be kind to me,
In dreams let me my true love see.'
If a girl desires to obtain this information, let her seek for
a green peascod in which there are full 9 peas, and write on a
piece of paper -
'Come in, my dear,
And do not fear'
which paper she must enclose in the peascod, and lay it under
the door. The first person who comes into the room will be
her husband."

Mustard plants produce about 1,000 pounds of seeds per acre.

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needs before, and during your visit to Key West. 
Juliet Corson (1841-1897)
Juliet Corson worked as a librarian and later wrote for the
New York Leader and the National Quarterly Review. In 1873, she
started working as secretary for a Women's school, and soon
started cooking classes with a trained chef to demonstrate
techniques.  This led her to start the New York Cooking School
in 1876, and to write a Cooking Manual in 1877. During the
coming years lectured, and wrote many pamphlets, articles and
additional books on cooking, including Miss Corson's Practical
American Cookery (1886). She ran the New York State Cooking
School exhibit at the 1893 World Columbian Exposition, Chicago.

"An oyster, that marvel of delicacy, that concentration of
sapid excellence, that mouthful before all other mouthfuls, who
first had faith to believe it, and courage to execute? The
exterior is not persuasive."    Henry Ward Beecher

Almost 40% of the orange crop in the U.S. goes to make frozen

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"Look, there's no metaphysics on earth like chocolates."
Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese poet (1888-1935)

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The first Dairy Queen opened in 1940 in Joliet, Illinois. By
1960 there were 3,000 Dairy Queens in 12 countries. Hamburgers
and hot dogs were added to the menu at some outlets beginning
in 1957, in Georgia.

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"New Orleans food is as delicious as the less criminal
forms of sin."Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) 1884

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