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3 Young Chefs

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Blue Heaven & Food Reference Newsletter Vol 2 # 4 February 7, 2001
ISSN 1535-5659
Food Facts, Trivia, History, Recipes, Key West and Blue Heaven News
Food Reference Website:
Blue Heaven Website:

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New Website
Free Grocery Coupons
Food Trivia Question
Food History
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Blue Heaven Restaurant News
Food Trivia

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Last weeks issue was canceled while I created a new website. because the Blue Heaven Website was getting close to exceeding the 16MB allotted to us. I have taken the Recipes and Food Reference areas and created a new website with a lot of new information added and lots more to come.
PLEASE CHECK OUT THE NEW WEBSITE and let me know what you think of it.

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"Sprinkle with pepper and serve" is the last step in a recipe for diced pork and apples from the world's oldest surviving cookbook, De Re Coquinaria ("On Cookery"), attributed to the 1st century Roman gastronome Apicius.
Some things never change!

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Go to the link below for FREE Grocery Coupons. Just print the ones you want, bring them with you when you go shopping - it's that easy over $40.00 in coupons!

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"Too few people understand a really good sandwich."
James Beard

The simple ham sandwich is still the most popular sandwich in the US, and in second place is the BLT.

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The Food Trivia Quizzes are now moved to their own separate section after the newsletter is e-mailed. Check the Navigation Bar at the top of the page.

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Another name for the lima bean is 'chad bean'.

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Check out the new photos See if you recognize your waiter or waitress!

Email or send by regular mail, your photos related to Blue Heaven Restaurant or food to [email protected] .
I will add them to the Blue Heaven Website.

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National African American History Month
National Wild Bird Feeding Month
Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month
National Snack Food Month
National Cherry Month (
North Carolina Sweet Potato Month (
Berry Fresh in the Sunshine State Month (

February 8
Full Moon at 2:12 A.M. EST
In 1587, Mary, Queen of Scots was beheaded.
Boy Scouts of America was founded today in 1910.
In 1735 the first opera produced in the colonies was performed at the
Courtroom, in Charleston, South Carolina.
Perigean Spring Tides occur today. (The highest possible tides.)
Birthdays: 1931 James Dean was born.
1828 Jules Verne was born.

February 9
Birthdays: 1923 Brendan Behan was born.
1914 Gypsy Rose Lee was born.
1914 Ernest Tubb was born.

February 10
Birthdays: 1893 Jimmy Durante was born.
1775 Charles Lamb was born.
1898 Bertolt Brecht was born.
1890 Boris Pasternak was born.

February 11
International Jacks and Pick-Up Sticks Tournament (Burlington WI)
Birthdays: 1847 Thomas Alva Edison was born.

February 12
Birthdays: 1809 Charles Robert Darwin was born.
1809 Abraham Lincoln was born.
1881 Anna Pavlova was born.

February 13
First Magazine Published in America in 1741 - "The American Magazine".

February 14
Valentine's Day
In 1946 the ENIAC computer, the first electronic digital computer was demonstrated.
Birthdays: 1894 Jack Benny was born.
1859 George Washington Gale Ferris was born.
(The inventor of the Ferris Wheel).

(c) 2001 Chases Calendar of Events)
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RECIPE from:
The Inglenook Cookbook, Contributed by Sisters of the Brethren Church (1906)
In a well-buttered earthen dish, place a layer of buttered bread, next a
layer of cheese cut thin, then another layer of the buttered bread, then cheese, till the dish is full, leaving a layer of cheese on top; turn over this 2 cups of milk, to which 2 eggs beaten have been added. Bake 20 minutes.
(Sister Perry Broadwater, Lonaconing, Md.)

Email your recipe requests or food information or history questions to me at
[email protected]

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"The cabbage surpasses all other vegetables. If, at a banquet, you wish to dine a lot and enjoy your dinner, then eat as much cabbage as you wish, seasoned with vinegar, before dinner, and likewise after dinner eat some half-dozen leaves. It will make you feel as if you had not eaten, and you can drink as much as you like."
Cato (Marcus Porcius) 234-149 BC. Roman politician and general; he wrote the first history of Rome.

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Check out Conch Republic Concierge for all your needs before, and during your visit to Key West. We have some amazing rates for private homes, yacht live-aboards, cottages and suites this season! We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Carte Blanche, JCB, Checks.

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"The first zucchini I ever saw I killed it with a hoe."
John Gould, 'Monstrous Depravity' 1963.

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Fanny Farmer had to pay the printing costs of her cookbook, The Boston Cooking School Cook Book, because Little, Brown and Company were not very enthusiastic about publishing another cookbook. By 1977, over 4 million copies had been sold, outselling any other book ever published by Little, Brown and Company.

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Breakfast: 8am to 11:45am
Lunch: Noon to 3pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10:30pm
Sunday -
Brunch: 8am to 1pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10:30pm

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"The same intelligence is required to marshal an army in battle and to order a good dinner. The first must be as formidable as possible, the second as pleasant as possible, to the participants."
Plutarch (Greek biographer and philosopher) quoting Aemilius Paulus,
conqueror of Persia.

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Jacques Lemaire, who makes and sells Mandala jewelry in our outdoor garden near the gift shop has returned from Maine, and will be here again for the inter. Check out his unique handmade items at our restaurant or on his website at

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"Intellectual men who quickly wolf down whatever nourishment is necessary for their bodies with a kind of disdain, may be very rational and have a noble intelligence, but they are not men of taste."
Sainte-Beuve (Charles Augustin) 1804-1869 (French literary critic and
historian noted for his biographical approach to literature)

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In the jargon of the lunch counter and diner, a stretch is a Coke.

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[email protected]
Food Reference Website:
Blue Heaven Restaurant; Key West, Florida

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