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A fun collection of Food Trivia Quizzes about food and beverage facts, science and history

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1) Which of the following foods were introduced to America from Europe?
• [a] the white potato
• [b] the tomato
• [c] the pumpkin
• [d] none of them
• [e] all of them

2) Which of the following dishes were born in Italy?
• [a] Caesar Salad
• [b] Fettucine primavera
• [c] Chicken Tetrazzini
• [d] none of them
• [e] all of them

3) Liederkranz Cheese comes from which country?
• [a] Austria
• [b] Germany
• [c] United States
• [d] Switzerland
• [e] Italy

4) In 1925, how many restaurants were in New York City?
• [a] 7,000
• [b] 17,000
• [c] 700
• [d] 27,000
• [e] 170

5) Hello-Billo, Korn Kure, Malt-Ho, Tryabita, Tryachewa, Oatsina and Orange Meat were all brand names of what type of food in the early 1900s?
• [a] breakfast cereals
• [b] health drinks
• [c] vegetarian meat substitutes
• [d] varieties of corn
• [e] candy bars

6) The slang term 'moxie,' meaning the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage, comes from:
• [a] WW I army slang
• [b] the name of a breakfast cereal
• [c] the name of a soft drink
• [d] a 1920s banker named George Moxie
• [e] a 1930s bank robber

7) Hershey introduced the 5 cent Hershey bar in 1903.
For how long did the price remain a nickel?
• [a] 21 years
• [b] 43 years
• [c] 52 years
• [d] 67 years
• [e] 79 years

8) While we are on the subject of Hershey, Milton Stavely Hershey first became rich selling what candy product?
• [a] caramels
• [b] salt water taffy
• [c] chocolate bars
• [d] gum drops
• [e] chocolate drops

9) John Styth Pemberton, the Atlanta pharmacist who created Coca-Cola, sold a 2/3 interest in his company in 1887 for how much?
• [a] $124.25
• [b] $283.29
• [c] $2,472.86
• [d] $25 million
• [e] no cash, it was a gift to his cousin

10) More than 75% of the world's supply of maple syrup comes from where?
• [a] Vermont
• [b] France
• [c] New York
• [d] Canada
• [e] Minnesota

Bonus question & hint:
One letter in these multiple-choices is never the correct answer to any question. What letter?



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