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3 Young Chefs at Cooking School

3 Young Chefs

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There is a link to the answers at end of each quiz


1) This member of the squash family is known by at least a dozen names. It is  a pear shaped fruit, has a single seed and a taste similar to zucchini. The  young root tubers are also eaten. It is native to Mexico and Central America  and was a popular vegetable with the Mayas and Aztecs. It's cultivation has  spread all over the world, including Algeria, Madagascar, Polynesia, southern  U.S., China, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia.
How many of its names can  you list?

2) The Stage Deli (which names its sandwiches after famous people) has a sandwich on its menu  that consists of two rolls stuffed with corned beef, pastrami, coleslaw, and  Russian dressing.
What is the name of this sandwich?

3) In what year was the one billionth can of Spam sold?

4) In what year were instant mashed potatoes introduced?

5) Why do pigs wallow in water and mud?

6) Red ones existed before and after, but they did not exist from 1976 to  1987.
What are these red ones?

7) What would you be if you lived in Japan and were fed large quantities of  beer and massaged with sake each day?

8) Who was the first to use sassafras leaves as a seasoning?

9) What do these cheeses have in common: cottage cheese, pot cheese and  farmer's cheese?

10) How do botanists classify eggplant?




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