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Thanksgiving Crossword #1
by James T. Ehler


2.May be needed for new dishes (6)
5.A traditional component of holiday celebrations (4)
7.A kitchen necessity for holiday meals (4)
10.Turkey fate (8)
12.Ragtime one-step (6,4)
14.Tropical vines of the genus Dioscorea confused with Ipomoea batatas (3)
16.Dish (5)
17.Vegan turkey (8)
18.Traditional participants at Thanksgiving dinner (6)
19.Actually, sweet potatoes (4)
21.Green casserole ingredients (5)
22.Mayflower power (4)
23.Traditional Thanksgiving task (3)
24.Poultry herb (4)
26.Seed protector (9)
28.General term for a basic green salad ingredient (4)
29.aka: Squanto (10)


1.Most abundant early American beverage (5,5)
3.Some are made from birch bark (5)
4.Basic kitchen essentials (4)
5.Jambon (3)
6.Pilgrim transport (9)
8.Initially unseen at Thanksgiving dinner (6,8)
9.e.g. Hubbard, Turban (6,6)
11.Discarded main dish coverings (6,8)
12.Source of white meat (6,6)
13.Thanksgiving leftover dish (6,4)
15.Settled Massachusetts Bay Colony (8)
20.Edible turkey product (4)
25.Consumed (3)
27.Turkey hen mate (3)


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