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Kitchen Tools etc #1
by James T. Ehler


2.Two legged kitchen tool (5)
8.Phonograph record (7)
9.Kitchen tool (7)
11.Tool for a specific spice (6,6)
13.Flour shovels (6)
14.10, 15 or 30 gallons (3)
17.Spanish earthen jar (4)
19.Stainless steel implements with long straight handles (5,6)
21.Tuber stripper (6,6)
22.Faucet companion (4)
23.Bottles with stoppers; for serving wine (7)


1.Sleeve alternative (7)
2.I boil water (9)
3.....of sausages (6)
4.Type of clam (8)
5.Broad shallow flat vessel for holding food (4)
6.Fungus (4)
7.A powered revolving bowl with revolving blade for chopping food, usually found in restaurants. (7,7)
10.Cone with a small hole for pouring liquids. (6)
12.e.g. Natural, bottled (3)
15.Food dish (5)
16.A skewer for holding meat over a fire (4)
18.Protective coverings (6)
19.Gelatin forms (5)
20.May be found in a pantry or cabinet (5)
21.Goat god (3)


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