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Food Theme Puzzle #5
by James T. Ehler


1.Cabbage, date, e.g. (4)
3.Hot Asian seasoning or dipping sauce (5,3)
9.Cake named for Arabian Knights character. (3,4)
10.Leg of lamb (5)
11.Cook with dry heat (5)
12.An unreasonable chef (6)
14.Mountain papaya (6)
16.This film was the first to show a toilet flushing (6)
19.This Daniel founded a strained food company (6)
21.Variety meats (5)
24.When dinner is finished; later. (5)
25.Outside (7)
26.Peanuts or warts. (8)
27.____ your teeth; sand. (4)


1.Back, country or spare (4,4)
2.Swedish rye bread with molasses and spices (5)
4.Always keep yours in good condition (6)
5.Beverage, lightly hoped and aged up to 6 months (5)
6.Containing no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or hormones (7)
7.Low-cal (4)
8.Aromatic resin used as flavoring; also in varnishes and adhesives (6)
13.Botrytis cinerea (5,3)
15.Concentrated beef broth for invalids (4,3)
17.Bigheaded, stuck-up (6)
18.This Philip helped make Chicago the meatpacking capital of the world (6)
20.Put a can of food in a campfire and it will do this (5)
22.Wheat, corn, rye are types (5)
23.Mascot of WKRP radio station on TV show (4)


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