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Food Puzzle #2
by James T. Ehler


1.Dextrose, grape sugar (7)
5.Japanese persimmon (4)
6.A heavy cotton fabric (4)
8.A large open vessel (3)
10.Lake trout and brook trout (4)
12.A dark red sour cherry (7)
14.Now Royal Crown Cola Co. (4)
15.Produces barrels (9)
17.Alternative name for hazelnut (6)
19.A hot Indian curry (8)
20.Infusion of unfermented malt (4)
22.Triangular pieces of toast (5,6)
25.Wine or spirits with beaten egg and sugar (4)
27.Meat cooked to 130 degrees (4)
28.Candlenut (6,3)
30.Malt beverage (3)
31.Flatulence (3)
32.Salad (6)
35.A source of oil; used for forage & food (3)
36.Liquid edible fat (3)
37.Bitter leaved herb used medicinally (3)
38.Dumas praised this equines taste (6)
39.Experiencing colony collapse disorder (4)


2.Back part of the hindquarter (3)
3.Spanish sparkling wine (4)
4.Fruits do this when they are dried (6)
5.Young goat (3)
7.A grade or class of wine in France (3)
8.Quality of Camels humps (5)
9.White wine & blackcurrant liqueur (3)
10.Spring festival in Washington, DC (6,7)
11.Avocado (9,4)
13.Buckwheat relative in a small pie (7,4)
15.Requires the use of a sharp knife (5)
16.Hot box (4)
17.Burps about 600 pints of gas a day (3)
18.A male turkey (3)
21.English.... or blueberry.... (6)
22.Spigot (3)
23.There is some on the cake (5)
24.A ripened ovule (5)
26.Hybrid of Jonathan and Wagener apple (6)
28.15.5 gallons capacity in U.S. (3)
29.A frozen dessert with fruit flavoring (3)
31.Greek lamb sandwich (5)
33.Anise flavored Turkish liqueur (4)
34.A female pig (3)
35.Fruit of the blackthorn (4)


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