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Beverage Puzzle #2
by James T. Ehler


1.Liquorice flavored cordial, usually colorless (8)
5.A mix of 2 or more whiskies to obtain a certain consistency (5)
6.A colorless alcoholic spirit popular in Russia (5)
8.Diet drink introduced in 1963 (3)
11.A Dutch beer (8)
14.A beer factory (7)
15.Rosé (5,4)
18.Used to obtain liquid from fruits (6)
20.Beverage with added sleep inducing properties (6,4)
22.Where a barrel maker works (9)
23.Stop on a crawl (3)
25.___ runner (3)
26.Champagne glass (5)
27.A mixture of white wine and cassis (3)


2.A knee high soft drink. (4)
3.Originally named 'Cuffs and Buttons' (8,7)
4.Controls the release of a liquid. (3)
5.A brand of meat extract in UK (6)
7.Half of a half-and-half (3)
9.Oktoberfest serving (4)
10.Grape louse (10)
12.German for ice wine (7)
13.The smell of a wine (4)
16.Brandy glass (7)
17.An old name for a strong ale (3)
18.A cup of ___ (3)
19.Lime juice, soda water and gin (6)
21.Quick drink (3)
24.Tavern (3)


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