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Vegetable Crossword #2 (Decanter)
by James T. Ehler


1Small green lentil with blue marbling (3)
3Limp (6)
4Tamales, tortillas, Dos Equis (7)
7Polynesian paste (3)
8Pizza, pot, e.g. (3)
9Carrots, radishes, turnips, e.g. (5)
11A sharp, acrid taste (6)
12A long leaved lettuce (3)
14Looney carrot eater (4,5)
15Tree leaf-shaped lettuce (3,4)
17Red/violet pigment in beets (10)
21Tarte a l'oignon (5,3)
23Offal used in brawn (3)
24QBO minus one (3)
25Large brown seaweed (4)
26Jerusalem artichoke, e.g. (5)
27Wild leeks (5)


2Some of these tubers can grow to 600 pounds (3)
3Fruit coating (3)
5Of the mustard family (11)
6Immerse (3)
8Spotted beans (5,5)
9A cruciferous plant with a thick bulbous edible yellow root (8)
10Arugula (6)
11South Carolina chicken dish (3)
13Popular plant color (5)
14Namesake city of a pork primal cut (6)
15Aroma (4)
16Curly endive (6)
18Cool fruit nickname (4)
19Vintners' valley (4)
20A small immature red potato (3)
22They can be wild or rolled (4)


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