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Vegetable Crossword #1
by James T. Ehler


2.A leguminous plant of the genus Pisum (3)
5.Boletus edulis (4)
7.e.g. spinach, pumpkin (3)
9.Hardy annual cereal grass (3)
10.Wheat is one type (5)
12.Brassica rapa pekinensis (4)
13.e.g. peanut, locoweed, clover (singular). (6)
15.Ground seed pods of small, thorny southwestern tree (8,4)
18.Red vegetable named for a meat slice (9,6)
20.Crudités go with it (3)
21.Boiled cassava juice (9)
25.One seed of Avena sativa is an ___ (3)
26.Heads of maize (4)
27.Uncivilized (4)


1.Needed to prepare many vegetables (5)
3.Small, ridged, oaky Cucurbita (5,6)
4.Sanders was one but spelled it differently (6)
6.Found inside a Halloween staple (7,5)
7.Spuds origin (4)
8.aka: Arugula (8)
11.Prune origin (4)
14.Green Mexican dip (9)
16.Mushroom that looks like a fat- stemmed hat pin (5)
17.An obsolete word for vetch or black cumin. (5)
19.The British call it chicory. (6)
21.A long leaved lettuce (3)
22.A sauce and a bean. (3)
23.What a freshly dug turnip is. (3)
24.Pea home. (3)


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