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Seafood Crossword #2
by James T. Ehler


1.Silver salmon (4)
4.Herring-like fish migrates from sea to fresh water to spawn (4)
5.The state of sashimi (3)
7.Made from red algae (4)
8.Channel bass (3,4)
11.Shellfish seasoning (3,3)
13.There are two types: hard and soft (3)
14.An edible sunfish (8)
16.Latin for seaweed (5)
17.Ocean marker (4)
18.Crustacean grasper (4,4)
21.Voracious and slimy (3)
22.Croaker (4)
23.Their tongues were once a delicacy (4)
24.Two types are fish and duck (4)


2.House of Ostrea edulis (6,5)
3.Squid (8)
6.Large fast-moving predacious food and game fish; found worldwide (5)
8.Shark relative (3)
9.Seafood herb (4)
10.Their legs may or may not be considered seafood (4)
12.Its first name is John (4)
14.Byssus of a bivalve (5)
15.aka: Nori (5)
17.Used for fishing (4)
19.Carp related river fish, frequently smoked or used for bait. (4)
20.Used for fish farming (5)
23.Massachusetts state fish (3)


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