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Seafood Crossword #1
by James T. Ehler


1.I filter about 50 gallons of water each day (6)
4.They can taste with external fleshy filaments hanging from their mouth (7)
6.Echinoderm with a flexible sausage- shaped body, tentacles surrounding the mouth and tube feet (3,8)
7.Fresh ones are generally fried and eaten bones and all (5)
8.Decapod crustacean of the genus Homarus (7)
9.Another name for sea bream (6)
10.Japanese minced fish paste (6)
11.Earth; Marine snail (6,5)
14.Charlie (4)
15.Marine victuals (7)
16.Sheepish marine vertebrate (6,4)
17.e.g. Atlantic, Alaska, Salt (3)
18.Trumpet shell (5)


2.Right-eyed flatfish (4)
3.Fish eggs (3)
4.Heart clams (7)
5.Black cod but not a cod (9)
6.Primitive bony-plated fish (8)
7.Sockeye (6)
9.Pacific coast crab (9)
12.Major cold water food fish (3,4)
13.Pisces (4)
14.e.g. Sea, Salmon, Lake (5)
15.Ten-armed cephalopod mollusk (5)


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