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Meats Puzzle #1
by James T. Ehler


1.Liquid for meat soup. (4,5)
5.Cattle for Kobe beef (5)
6.German sausage celebration in Wisconsin (9,8)
10.Bound food directions (8)
11.Quality perceived by sense of taste (and smell) (6)
12.Beef on bread (5,8)
13.Ripen or mature (3)
14.Inedible part of a cow (4)
15.450 and 325 are examples (11)
16.Barbecue fare (4)
18.Butchers' offerings (5)
19.Big barbecue state (5)
20.Chicken casserole with broccoli & Mornay sauce (7,5)
23.Australian runner related to Cassowary (3)
24."Rocks" (3)
25.Reduce the coldness (4)
26.Cloven hoofed, horned ruminant (2)


2.A mixture of lipids (mostly triglycerides) (3)
3."Yippee!" (3,3)
4.It's within your range (4)
5.H2O+ (5,5)
6.58% of Americans do not eat this everyday (9)
7.Good for you (9)
8.Boneless sub-primal cut of the eye muscle of beef primal rib (6,5)
9.20 million+ in 1850, only a few hundred left in 1890 (8,7)
10.Spam is one (6,4)
11.2 billion pounds of this inedible chicken part are produced each year by the poultry industry. (8)
17.A bone or a cutter (5)
18.Swiss brand of soups, stocks & bouillon cubes (5)
20.Of meat or in half (3)
21.Large domesticated ungulate (3)
22.Wapiti (3)


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