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Fruits & Nuts Puzzle #1
by James T. Ehler


1.Zested Washington state fruits (6,6)
6.Wheat, rye, buckwheat, e.g. (6)
7.Hog's rear leg, preserved (3)
9.Undress a fruit (4)
10.Largest citrus fruit (8)
13.Whole fruit cooked with sugar (3)
14.Japanese gold-bronze pear variety (5)
16.Individual quick bread studded with fruits from a member of the heather family (9,6)
20.Chinese fruit with thin brittle shell and jellylike pulp (6)
21.Large classic English apple, yellow/orange and red skin (8,6)
22.Small fruit of Mediterranean tree with high oil content (5)


1.A small hard fruit (5)
2.Seychelles Islands palm, whose 40 pound fruit take 10 years to ripen (4,2,3)
3.Lemon is one (3)
4.Soft moist fruit part (4)
5.A grape, a raisin (3)
8.Small tropical fruit in cashew family, a.k.a.: Spanish plum (6)
11.Pluck out the stem & leaves of strawberries (4)
12.Liquid from widely cultivated fruits with leathery rinds (6,5)
13.Peanut butter brand with an extra letter (4)
15.Acidulated dairy product (4,5)
16.Carambola relative with acidic flavor (7)
17.Food associated with Dolly Madison (3,5)
18.Shaddock (6)
19.Found between outer peel and flesh of citrus (4)
20.Acidic oval yellow fruit (5)


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