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Fruits & Vegetables Crossword #1
by James T. Ehler


2Pepper grass (5)
5I mean like, real cool. (8)
8Allium cepa pastry (5,3)
10I am a root and may be red, white or yellow. (4)
12A fruit liqueur or a sweet biscuit. (7)
14September 27, 1955. (4)
15A bread or a whiskey. (3)
16Second only to wheat in acreage planted worldwide. (4)
17Source of the natural gum resin, chicle (9)
19Reddish purple Japanese plum with reddish yellow flesh. (5,4,4)
21Seed coat. (4)
22Lima beans likely origin. (4)
23Currant-like berries used primarily in jams and jellies (11)
24Looks like a lemon, but sweet. (5,5)
26A Mike Tyson snack (3)
28White stuff under citrus peel (4)
29Tropical American tree, source of blue dye used in tattooing. (7)
30Not a pot (3)
31Smaller taro tuber (4)


1Elongated pear shape, tan outside, yellow inside. (9,6)
3Namesake melon of Cupid's owner (5,5,5)
4Citrus beverage (3)
5Cut in square blocks (4)
6Plant anchor (4)
7Oven-cooked Cortlands. (5,6)
9Curry home (5)
11Salt, smoke, freeze, pickle (8)
13Golden yellow, almost flavorless liquid from California (7,3)
16Romaine (3)
18No 'd', burgundy color Asian bean with white stripe (5,4)
20Goes with salt fish in Jamaica (4)
22Color of some beans, onions, potatoes and grapes (6)
23e.g. Collard, turnip, mustard, beet (6)
25Made a deal for some pottage (4)
27Outer surface of some cheeses (4)


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