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Fruits & Nuts Crossword #2
by James T. Ehler


4.Banana variety (4,6)
7.Sweet pear-shaped yellowish or purple multiple fruit eaten fresh or dried (3)
8.e.g. Lemon, orange (3)
9.Beneficial parasitic grape fungus (5,3)
11.A source of palm hearts and a 'super fruit' (4)
13.Jelly fruit (5)
14.Vegetable ivory (5,3)
15.Sour plum-like fruit (4)
16.Bikini photo or dairy cake (10)
19.Margarita fruit (4)
21.Thought to be a cross between a lemon and an orange (5,5)
23.Western omelet ingredient (3)
25.Simmered Boscs (7,5)


1.Hilly fruit similar to the guanabana (8,7)
2.Looks like an elongated cantaloupe with a thinner, mosaic-like exterior netting (7,5)
3.California county (6)
4.The predominant grape of Chateauneuf-du-Pape (8)
5.Sometimes called velvet apple; similar to black sapote. (6)
6.Trademark for grapefruit/mandarin orange cross (4)
10.A certain Queen's production on a summer's day (5)
12.Winter pear (5)
17.Four-bagger (not food related) (5)
18.Heart (4)
20.Ground, dried sour cherry pits (6)
22.Small cantaloupe named for a kibbutz in Israel. (4)
24.A Cuban black bean (4)


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