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Food Safety Crossword #2
by James T. Ehler


3Created in 1942 as Office of National Defense Malaria Control Activities (3)
4Secure (4)
6Aquatic protozoan (6)
8Mad cow disease (3)
9Caused European E. coli outbreak in 2011 that killed at least 29 (7)
11From potential of hydrogen (2)
13Protein that reacts with an antigen producing an immune response (8)
14Cereal grain susceptible to ergot fungus (3)
15Victual illness (9,7)
18Fish poisoning caused by toxin originating in species of dinoflagellate (9)
19Agency that developed HACCP with Pillsbury in 1960s (4)
22Right amount needed to kill harmful micro-organisms (4)
23Ages more in 1 day at room temperature than in 1 week refrigerated (3)
24Its hair really stings (6)
26Oil from same tree as leaves used to make filé powder (9,3)
28President Nixon create it by executive order July 9, 1970 (3)
29Sulfites in this beverage can cause illness in those with sensitivity (4)
30Never eat salad greens that are ________ (8)


1Pork tapeworm (6,6)
2Inflammation of stomach and intestines (15)
3Zea mays (4)
5Some can have high levels of mercury (4)
7Most infections from this cause by undercooked ground beef (1,4)
10Wrote about the meatpacking jungle (5,8)
11e.g. fresh meat, seafood, ripe fruit (10,4)
12Must have a thorough knowledge of restaurant food safety. (4)
16Rhubarb, Spinach and Swiss chard contain high levels of these (8)
17A symptom of food poisoning (8)
20First name of pathogen, sonnei, usually found in contaminated water (8)
21One of the most contaminated items in household kitchen (6)
25Due it gently to prevent bacterial growth (4)
27GEB minus one (3)


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