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Food Theme Crossword #9
by James T. Ehler


1.A way to measure food (6)
4.Fowl furcula (8)
9.Lungs as food (6)
10.Fungus; under the bark auricles (4,4)
12.Self indulgent diners may be found in the culinary.... (4,4)
13.Aka, Jook (6)
15.Drunken dried plums (6,6)
18.Benign variety used in making dairy products (12)
21.Popular British beverage container (3,3)
22.Kitchen hands should not be in this condition (8)
24.Mammal parts not usually seen as food (8)
25.Just add water (6)
26.A sweet apple variety (8)
27.Gravy of ham drippings with coffee (3,3)


1.Carnivorous fish with large canines and heavy molars (4,4)
2.Consumed (8)
3.Holiday buffet mecca (5,10)
5.A cast pan (4)
6.Compounds in apricot pits, lima beans and casava produce this poison when consumed (8,7)
7.Fruit and color (6)
8.Traditional time for lamb and ham (6)
11.e.g. mutton and red (7)
14.The _______ of the Snark by Lewis Carroll (7)
16.Cold home (3,5)
17.Clarence's last name or a bird part (8)
19.Produced in a tense kitchen (6)
20.Chef of kings and the king of chefs (6)
23.Spanish crème caramel (4)


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