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Food Theme Puzzle # 8
by James T. Ehler


2.Not enough on your plate and too much on your bill. (Paul Bocuse) (8,7)
7.Malt beverage (3)
8.Makes breakfast food every 24-26 hours. (3)
10.SU plus one (2)
11.Bread and water will (7)
12.Farmer's friend (5)
14.Stomach or stomach lining of a hog (3)
15.8 across produces them (3)
17.Apple acid (5)
19.Sometimes necessary to give this to get food (5)
20.Pig, greens and a good source of Lycopene (3)
21.Pig out (11)
22.Annual cereal grass (3)
23.Sabal palmetto essences (4,6)
26.Fowl flavorer (7,9)
27.You might say it's in the soup (5)
29.Found in the human intestinal tract (common abrv) (1,4)
31.Where the corn grew (2)
33.Card game or John Barleycorn (3)
35.Grave viands (7,4)
37.Beverage named for inventor, Colonel Francis _____ (died 1732) (5)


1.Aka Bitter Gourd (6,4)
2.19th c. dessert, chestnut puree & candied fruit in custard (10,7)
3.Always boils (9,3)
4.Small Nigerian tree fruit (4)
5.At least one per recipe (10)
6.Small lump of butter or ding-a-ling (3)
8.Classic omelette or sandwich (3,3,6)
9.Found at Brennan's or Broussard's (3,7,4)
13.Nicholas Culpeper produced a complete one (6)
16.His last name is Mississipiensis, we need his nickname (5)
18.Mint mint (8)
24.Agitate (4)
25.Japanese cattle breed (5)
26.Pilau (5)
28.A sows auricles (4)
30.e.g. Flat, nine, pig (4)
32.Favorite comedy foods (4)
34.Big cup (3)
36.Large domesticated horned mammal (2)


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