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Food Theme Puzzle #7
by James T. Ehler


1.Patty shell coater (6,5)
9.e.g. Take or blow (3)
11.Invented by Baron Justus von Liebig (4,7)
12.e.g. Blanc, ordinaire (3)
13.Unleavened maize bread (4)
16.Good storage variety of Malus genus (8,5)
19.Not starved (3)
20.The most highly proteinaceous vegetable known (4,4)
22.Social insect (3)
23.Japanese fungi (8,9)
25.Jackson O'Shea (3,4)
26.Cloven hoofed, horned ruminant (2)
27.Type of club (5)
29.A Jersey commercial star (5)
30.Half a dance (3)
31.People use these to sternutate (5)
33.Pear used to flavor 'Juicy Pear' Jelly Belly's (5,5)
35.Toothy, predaceous swimmer (3)


1.e.g. Loquat, quince (4)
2.Fishy Cornish Mousehole specialty (8,3)
3.Secale cereale (3)
4.A guano source (3)
5.A grape like fruit (3)
6.Cayenne and Habanero are two (3,7)
7.The only pork primal cut not usually smoked or cured (4)
8.A storage space (3)
10.Type of dinner (2)
14.A staple food portioning utensil (5,5)
15.An island cuisine (7)
17.Sparkling (12)
18.Famous state vegetable (5,6)
20.Nourishment (10)
21.First name of noble rot (8)
24.Cheese first made by Benedictine monks in Alsace region (8)
28.Common cooking fuel (3)
32.Once considered nature's perfect food (3)
34.From a lower to a higher position (2)


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