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Food Theme Puzzle #6
by James T. Ehler


1.Drink (6)
4.Shrove Tuesday specialty (8)
9.Indispensable person (6)
10.e.g. Cabbage, Saw (8)
12.Family recipe for apple butter was company's 1st product in 1897 (8)
13.A dish of cooked beaten eggs (6)
15.Antique cocktail (3,9)
18.Brand name of canned seafood (4,4,4)
21.Maker of pureed nut cups (6)
22.Old Tahiti name (8)
24.In 1969 a man sold grated handles of these as Parmesan cheese (8)
25.Formula (6)
26.Aubergine (Fr.) (8)
27.Plant cores (6)


1.Tea is one (8)
2.A rich, hearty red (8)
3.Corn Flakes, Wheaties, Rice Krispies (9,6)
5.Middle Eastern anise flavored alcoholic spirit (4)
6.Famous French cheese named for village in Normandy (9,6)
7.A large metal pot for making stew (6)
8.Uppity (6)
11.A stand of fruit trees (7)
14.Cuban sweet potato (7)
16.Removes impurities (8)
17.They supply food for social events (8)
19.Popular game bird (6)
20.Thomas Sullivan made the first one of silk in 1904 (3,3)
23.Spanish national dessert (4)


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