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Food Puzzle #4
by James T. Ehler


1.Originally a term for a strong ale (3)
4.Produces about 2/3 of the world's garlic (5)
6.A Belgian beer style (6)
8.Inedible parts of animals (5)
10.Acceptable (9)
11.Meatloaf, roast lamb, grilled swordfish are 3 (6)
12.Holiday dessert (9,7)
15.Large deer (3)
17.Oldest known (5,500 years old) found under sheep dung in Armenian cave (4)
18.Ingredient of Moscow Mule (6,4)
21.Half of a half-and-half (3)
22.Half a dance or Chinese tea (3)
23.Greek wine flavored with pine resin (7)
24.Sold birthright for a 'mess of pottage' (4)
27.Celebrity chefs found here (2)
28.Sip (3)
30.Large domesticated horned mammal (2)
31.Reindeer, lights, walnuts, variety; all are_____ (5)
33.Made from wire (4)
34.Mediterranean (3)


1.Type of ice cream (10)
2.Avian variety meats (7)
3.Galliformes are the most popular (4,5)
4.Made from fermented apple juice (5,7)
5.Health.... (10)
7.Frozen cubes (3)
8.___ of the woods mushroom (3)
9.Search for food (6)
11.A pound of salami on a sandwich qualifies (6)
13.Small white dried legume (3,4)
14.Hotel (3)
16.Mild member of Lily family, long slender dark green leaves (4)
19.Source of a steady flame (3,3)
20.Sometimes added to Grappa (3)
22.A piece of meat (3)
25.Store (4)
26.And down (2)
29.Home to about 25% of U.S. hogs and pigs (4)
32."Where's the beef?" was a good one (2)


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