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Food Crossword #3
by James T. Ehler


1.Book with descriptions of plants, their properties and medicinal uses (6)
4.Well seasoned stew of meat and vegetables (6)
8.A frozen dairy dessert (7)
9.A combination of ingredients (7)
11.Fake steak (4,6)
12.Philadelphia sour cream cookie by Ann Page (4)
13.Alcoholic beverage (slang) (5)
14.Former name of Tahiti, now an apple and a gooseberry (8)
16.Melted, as of fat (8)
18.A framework of metal bars (5)
20.Agricultural agency (4)
21.Blackberry Raspberry hybrid (10)
23.Stars C. Brown (7)
24.Star fruit relative. (7)
25.Single grain of a cereal (6)
26.Used in making cheese and glue (6)


1.Snickers candy bar named after one (5)
2.Northern Italian rice dish (7)
3.A pear cousin. Sand. Nashi. (5,4)
5.Maturing (5)
6.Bannock (7)
7.Potentilla erecta, roots used in tanning, dying, folk medicine (9)
10.Spanish meatball (9)
13.Thick slice of beef (9)
15.The world's 5th largest wine producing country (9)
17.Holds bottles as they dry (7)
19.Fermented beverage from frozen grapes (3,4)
21.Espresso with steamed milk (5)
22.To apply a dry spice mix (3,2)


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