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Food Puzzle #1
by James T. Ehler


3.Sweet juicy gritty-textured fruit available in many varieties (4)
5.An adult castrated bull of the genus Bos; especially Bos taurus (2)
6.Porridge, mush (7)
9.It went up-market to become Christmas pudding (4,4)
11.Lamb, beef, red, white (5)
12.Brought cattle to North America and vanilla back to Spain (8,6)
15.Distilled from fermented molasses (3)
16.Deep red center; gives a slight resistance and be spongy when pressed (4,4)
17.Christmas punch (3,3)
18.And out (3)
19.The Queen of Hearts made some (4,4)
22.White wine and blackcurrant liqueur (3)
25.Fruit, chicken, tuna are a few (6)
27.To spread frosting (3)
28.Ready to eat feet (8)
29.Having a high temperture (3)


1.Chicken ____ (4)
2.Beef stew with wine from a region in eastern France (4,11)
3.Porridge made with prunes, currants, raisins, etc. (4,8)
4.NutraSweet and Equal (9)
7.Laughing and natural are two (3)
8.Alimentation, sustenance (9)
10.Can be used to store ashes and making coffee (3)
12.Brand of malted milk powder (8)
13.Vinegar made from ale (6)
14.Middle Eastern herb and spice blend (aa) (6)
20.Small purple fruit of South American palm; a 'superfood' (4)
21.Gustation (5)
23.Type of coffee or moss (5)
24.Citrus peel (4)
26.Ripen, mature (3)


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