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Beverage Puzzle #3
by James T. Ehler


1.Orange liqueur with lemon juice and brandy (7)
5.Holiday quaff (3)
8.Bass, e.g. (3)
9.Lightly hopped, aged brew (5,4)
10.Short snort (3)
11.French vineyard (3)
12.Red ___ (3)
15.Spicy, yellow, Italian anise liqueur (8)
17.___ whiskey (3)
18.Bark or bitters (9)
20.A Chinese green tea (5)
21.A wooden barrel-like container (4)
22.1.5 liter bottle (6)
23.A white wine and a grape native to Loire valley (6,5)
26.Snacks and drinks served as a light meal (11)


1.Brand of sucralose (7)
2.Bright red, olive sized sour fruit, member of Dogwood family (9,6)
3.Johannisberg, e.g. (8)
4.Brandy distilled from grape residue (4)
5.Wine, lemon juice, sugar, nutmeg and hot water (5)
6.Cotton, dry, bathtub, e.g. (3)
7.Soft drink (3)
13.Brandy from Gascony (8)
14.Small citrus fruit from southern florida (3,4)
15.A popular banana variety (4,6)
16.Olfactory organ (4)
19.Botany: a grape or grape-like fruit (3)
20.Moonshine (5)
22.Red wine grape native to Bordeaux (6)
24.A knee high soft drink. (4)
25.Edible kernel inside a hard shell (3)


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