August 22, 2001 Soups 2 Crossword
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1. Clear soup of meat or fish & vegetables, flavored with salt, soy and dashi
5. A hearty North African soup, 'cobra cooler'
7. A Chinese soup with deep fried rice cakes
10. What soup is eaten from
11. Soup with green peas
12. Thai egg noodle soup with cilantro, scallions & chicken or seafood
14. Frequent ingredient in cheese soup
15. Scotland: Crab soup
17. A seaweed extract; Bengal isinglass
20. Hawaiian noodle soup
21. French version of pesto is also the name of this soup
22. Member of mallow family from Africa useful in soups and stews
23. A ribbonlike strip of pasta
24. Powdered sassafras leaves used to thicken soups & stews


2. E Indian curry-flavored soup with a meat or chicken base
3. A small piece of toasted or fried bread; served in soup or salads
4. A Greek soup made with dried beans, olive oil, carrots, garlic, & celery
6. Originally a large stockpot, now applied to contents of the pot
8. To cook au gratin
9. A political soup
13. A soup made with sorrel "fit for the govenor of the Bank of France"
15. Hanoi Beef Soup
16. He placed a high value on a mess of pottage
18. Japanese: soup
19. Soup with whole grains, legumes, dried fruit and nuts; said to be the last meal served on Noah's Ark
20. (French) Thick hearty soup with chunks of garnish

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