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2. A hawthorne berry
4. Tropical American plants with basal rosettes of fibrous sword-shaped leaves & flowers in tall spikes. Used in making alcoholic beverages.
8. Cross between a blackberry & raspberry, developed in 1881 in Santa Cruz, California
11. Small tropical tree whose green fruit is rich in vitamin C; native to the Indonesian archipelago or nearby mainland Asia.
12. A summer orange with thin, golden, hard to peel skin, not entirely seedless.
13. A fleshy fruit (apple or pear or related fruits) having seed chambers and an outer fleshy part
15. Flowers & leaves have the property of curdling milk
16. The aggregate fruit of the rose plant
17. Any of several shrubs having silver-white twigs and yellow flowers followed by olivelike fruits
19. A winter apple with a rough reddish-brown skin.
21. A large pippin apple, popular in early 19th century England
22. Prunus avium and Prunus cerasus are the main varieties.
23. Ground black cherry pits used as flavoring in the Middle East


1. Large sweet juicy hybrid between tangerine and grapefruit
3. A russet colored pear, juicy & tender, keeps very well in cold storage.
5. A sweet, thick-fleshed fruit that is often preserved in dried form
6. Small red berries used primarily in jams and jellies
7. Another name for the Brazil nut
9. Any of numerous woody vines of genus Vitis bearing clusters of edible berries
10. Seed of the Areca palm
13. Old World tree having sweet gritty-textured juicy fruit; widely cultivated in many varieties
14. Long pinkish sour leafstalks usually eaten cooked and sweetened
18. Small Asian tree with pinkish flowers and pear-shaped fruit; widely cultivated
20. Downy juicy fruit with sweet yellowish or whitish flesh

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