Food Reference Culinary Crossword 2003-228 by James T. Ehler
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    3. Soft creamy candy
    7. Fruit preserved by cooking with  sugar
    9. Cup
    10. Grating cheese
    12. Turkish soup of beef stock &  small meat-filled dumplings,  garnished with yogurt, thyme and  mint
    13. An American favorite, not popular  in the rest of the world.
    14. Young goat.
    15. Any of a number of tropical vines  of the genus Dioscorea many having  edible tuberous roots.
    16. French: strips of larding  fat.
    17. Type of strainer
    20. Greek wine flavored with pine resin
    23. Carbonated apple juice.
    26. Saccharide
    27. French: Pomelo or Shaddock
    28. Food frozen in separate pieces.


    1. Vegetable parer.
    2. The finest Italian ham
    3. Brand name of a bitter aperitif  made with gentian, angelica,  cinchona, rhubarb, myrrh,  chamomile and peppermint.
    4. French: fleshy part of the  shin of an ox.
    5. Used to express horror, disgust,  or repugnance.
    6. Famous female character was eating  this when frightened by an  arachnid.
    8. A metal urn with a spigot at the  base; used in Russia to boil water  for tea
    9. Yellow _______ AND water_____
    11. To transfer wine or beer from one  container to another, leaving the  dregs behind.
    18. A sweet, thick-fleshed fruit that  is often preserved in dried form
    19. Distilled from fermented molasses
    21. He placed a high value on a mess  of pottage
    22. Found in improperly handled,  undercooked beer, especially  ground beef and unpasteurized milk
    24. Scottish for turnip.
    25. Leaves sometimes used for  flavoring fruit or claret cup but  should be used with great caution:  can cause irritation like poison  ivy

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